Belcarra Blues (plus some news!)

Agh, now my titles rhyme…sorry, y’all! But I think I’m allowed for now – it’s been a rough couple of days here at chez Emily! Long story short, I ended up in the ER on Thursday with a kidney stone, and it took the entire weekend to get rid of the darned thing, which meant lying in bed and not sewing :(. Frustration of frustrations! However, yesterday I was finally able to get out of bed and tackle a bit of sewing, and managed to complete a project I had started before the whole dreadful kidney incident – my Belcarra Blouse!

I had been waiting to follow the sewalong, which had lots of great tips for assembling the blouse. The trickiest part for me was sewing the sleeve cuffs – you have to leave a precise 5/8″ opening at the top of the sleeve and cuff in order to get them to match. All it took was a little patience and a little unpicking to get it right, though, which isn’t too bad!


I went up a size from my usual Sewaholic size – I usually sew up a size 4, even though my measurements are a size 6, but this time I chose a size 6. I think I’ll go back to a 4 next time – this blouse is just a little too blouse-y for me, if you know what I mean!



See? Just a bit on the big side. I went with sleeve option B with the pintucks – its a nice little detail that I think adds a lot to a solid-colored top. It also matches the pleats in the skirt!


Oh, and speaking of the skirt, that’s my self-drafted skirt from a few months back. The fabric for the blouse is the same fabric I used for the contrast insets :).

And now for some news! I had mentioned in an earlier post about entering some garments in the Sewing Indie Month contests, and I am thrilled to announce that I made the “short list” for three out of the four! (Yes, I entered them all…I’m a sucker for contests :P). If you would like to vote, here they are:

My Jedediah Pants are in the Everyday Casual contest, the striped Coco made it into the Pattern Hacker contest, and my Megan/Anna mashup is in the Indie Love Affair contest !

Many thanks for all the great comments I got on those projects – your support means a lot!!


3 thoughts on “Belcarra Blues (plus some news!)

  1. So glad to hear you’re feeling better after that ordeal over the weekend! Ugh!

    This blouse is such a great complement to the skirt. I’ll have to think about how to use my leftover bits of fabric to make coordinating outfits like this. 🙂

    Best of luck in all the contests! You really do seem to enter all of them – I’m impressed!

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