Me-Made-May: Travel Edition

Greetings from the West Coast, my friends!

…wait, what? With all the back and forth these days, sometimes even *I* forget which coast I live on, but this time I’m just visiting – finishing up the San Francisco Opera season with a six-week contract to help them prepare for the upcoming summer performances (which will be amazing, btw!!!). After that, I’ll be permanently on the East Coast. But for now – I’ll enjoy SF while I can!

I originally wasn’t going to participate in Me-Made-May (MMM) since I knew I’d be traveling, but then I realized that, for me, this posed the ultimate wardrobe challenge – could I travel for six weeks bringing (almost) only me-made items? Challenge accepted!

So, instead of posting all of my outfits from May so far, I will first show you what went into my suitcase:

Clockwise from the top left, we have:

  1. Intimates: two me-made bras and tens pairs of underwear (I may have gone on a last-minute underwear-sewing binge before my trip…)
  2. Activewear: two full sets of me-made activewear (blogger here and here)
  3. Dresses for work and special occasions: one Moneta, two wrap dresses, one Flora
  4. Bottoms: two skirts (Hollyburn and Mabel) and a pair of shorts
  5. Jeans: two regular pairs and my pair of jeggings (for days off!)
  6. Five tops: three Renfrews, on Lady Skater peplum top, and one Lark Tee
  7. Outer layer: my Hetty cardigan and Morris Blazer
  8. Other miscellaneous pieces: my Soma swimsuit, two pairs of Virginia Leggings in grey and black, and a nightgown (based on this pattern)

I did bring a few non-me-mades, including a North Face jacket, some ballet gear, and a ratty old pair of jeans in case I go hiking. So far, only the jacket has been used.

And now some highlights from my MMM experience thus far:

My favorite day so far, however, was yesterday, when I ran the famous Bay to Breakers race in my Sewaholic running gear!


To see the rest of my MMM outfits, you can take a look at my Instagram feed (dressingtherole). Can’t believe it’s halfway over already!!