Return of the Jedediah

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun :P. Anyhow, you may recall that several months ago I made some Jedediah Pants for the husband, and I’ve been itching to sew them again ever since. My first pair weren’t quite what he had in mind in terms of color and fit, so I was determined to create a pair that he would love. (I love that first pair, though. Hrmph!)

In case any of you aren’t familiar, the Jedediah Pants are one of the fabulous patterns by the new men’s pattern company, Thread Theory, and I can’t sing their praises highly enough. Seriously – of all the garments I’ve sewn in that past 8 months or so, these were one of my favorites! The details give it a very polished, professional look, and yet they remain a totally doable project. I made this pair in a day!

For this pair, I used a gorgeous camel-colored brushed cotton from Grey’s (I bought the rest of the bolt – sorry, y’all!). Since this fabric didn’t have any stretch (the last pair had some Lycra), I widened the thighs by 1/4″ at both seams, grading out to about an inch at the bottom. So, a totally Increase of about an inch at the thighs to four inches at the hem. The husband decided that they were a little too baggy at the bottom with that adjustment, though, so I took in about 1 1/2″ at the hem, grading to nothing at the knee. He needs the extra room through the top for his giant fencer thighs, though, so I kept that fullness. Voilà!



He still refuses to let me put his face on the blog, so that’s all you get :P. Anyhow, he’s worn them every day since I made them last week, so I think that means they’re a winner! I especially love how the brushed cotton looks sort of like suede – these pants look pricey, but they only cost me about $30 to make! Pretty good, if you ask me (especially considering that, after we bought the fabric, we went clothes shopping and spent over a hundred on a new blazer – that was on sale! Oof)

A friend of mine asked me recently if sewing is cheaper than buying clothes. While that’s a complicated question (at least for me – and hopefully I’ll get around to blogging about it at some point!), I think that, for men’s clothing, it definitely makes economic sense. Good men’s clothing can be quite pricey, and now thanks to Thread Theory, we can make our own! And prove to our significant others that sewing really is worth it. Win win, I say!


4 thoughts on “Return of the Jedediah

    • Thanks! The sewalong on the Thread Theory website is especially helpful – I was daunted when I first saw the pattern, but Morgan really guides you through the process well. Can’t wait to make even more!

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