What’s Black and White and Wrapped All Over

I’m so excited to finally share a finished sewn garment for you all! It seems like a million years since I actually sewed something for *myself,* so it feels especially good to have a new make “hot off the press” to show you all. I loved the Colette Wren Dress ever since it was released over a year ago, and snapped up the pattern almost immediately. I didn’t think it would take me so long to finally make it, but better late than never!

This version is my “wearable muslin,” and although it’s certainly wearable, I definitely have some quirks to work out of the pattern next time. I’m already working on a second version, which will include detailed notes about fit/pattern alterations. For this version, I sewed it up pretty much straight out of the envelope, grading from an XS at the bust to a small at the waist (my usual for Colette patterns). I did notice that there’s a strange bit of gaping in the center front between the two front wrap points (I have a sneaking suspicion this may actually be due to a pattern error), which is difficult to see on this version due to the busy print. Rest assured, though, my second version of the Wren will go into great detail about that!

I did make one change to the pattern in this version, which was to finish the neckline using a neckband (like with a regular knit top) instead of turning under a hem. I was afraid that the front might gape open, as is often the problem with wrap dresses, but I think I overcompensated, as this dress isn’t even close to being revealing as-is. To sew the neckband on, I attached the front and back at the shoulder seams before finishing the neckband, instead of turning under and hemming each piece individually before sewing the shoulder seams. For my next version, I’m using the same neckband concept, but turning it under as a facing instead of having it show on the outside. It’s a more stable finish than just a hem, which I’m hoping will extend the life of the dress.

The fabric I used for this version is a lightweight ITY. I’m not sure of the fiber content, but I’m assuming it’s mostly polyester, maybe with a bit of nylon thrown in. It’s getting a bit cold for the dress at this point, but I’ve already worn it a ton, and come spring, I’m sure it’ll be in heavy rotation once more! I really love this design, and plan to continue tweaking it until I get the perfect dress!

Photography by Viktoryia Batsevich

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