My Friend Myrna

Agh, I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post – sorry, you guys! Ever since that darned kidney stone I’ve felt totally drained; I think all the craziness, stress, and changes of the past year are finally catching up with me. Add to that I’m in the middle of moving apartments and trying to plan a major anniversary party and *poof* – no time to sew.

…so instead I’ve been knitting. A LOT. Oh, mama. Since the beginning of April, I’ve burned through two cardigans, one shrug, and a baby hat, and I’m well into cardigan #3. I think that knitting helps channel my nervous energy when I’m too scattered and stressed to sew. Plus, I’ve had a lighter load of playing at the ballet school, which facilitates more knitting – when I’m swamped with tons of hours at the piano, my wrists just can’t take a knitting binge.

When I was laid up in bed with the aforementioned kidney stone, I got tons of knitting done, cuz literally all I could do was lie in bed and wait for it to pass. So that’s when I got through most of Andi Satterlund’s fabulous new cardigan pattern, Myrna. This little gem only took two weeks of knitting. Granted, that’s with two days of lying in bed, but I think that’s still pretty good!



Isn’t she a peach? I love how cleverly the pattern is constructed – you start knitting the upper back, then pick up the front along the shoulder seams, joining front to back at the armhole and knitting the whole way to the bottom in one piece. The sleeves and button bands are then picked up along the edges, resulting in a sweater with no annoying seams to finish up at the end! I also love the way the sweater is shaped – Andi’s waist decreases always look to pretty. I tried to highlight them here, but mostly you just see a close-up of my armpit:


Oh, and one of the super fun, subtle details of this particular make is the keyhole in the back! Love it.


The yarn is Lion Brand worsted weight. Since this yarn is a little heavier than the yarn the pattern is written for (the Miss Babs Yowza that Andi used is a light worsted weight), I went down a needle size to a 7 to get the right gauge, and I’m quite happy with the fit!


As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I am in the middle of moving, so my posts will probably be a little more sporadic for a few weeks as we get settled. However, stay tuned for a *super special* post coming soon! 😀


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