Projects: Adventures in Lingerie


IMG_2648Red and Black Linda Partial Band Bra, 2nd attempt

IMG_2666Red and Black Watson Bra and Panties (with foam cups)

IMG_1794Brown and Nude Linda Partial Band Bra

IMG_1792Red and Black Linda Partial Band Bra

IMG_2512Blue and White Marlborough Bra

IMG_2486Nude and Black Marlborough Bra

IMG_2498Black Longline Watson Bra with Foam Padding

IMG_2476Florence Lounge Bra

IMG_2439Lace Longline Watson Bra

IMG_2454Purple Watson Bra and Panties

IMG_2460Black and Red Watson Bra and Panties

IMG_2451-0Nude Watson Bra and Panties

IMG_2442Orange Watson Bra