Springing to Action: Sewaholic Workout Wardrobe

Happy Easter Monday! Whether you observed the holiday through religious services or massive chocolate consumption (or both, in my case…), I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Now that I write that, I realize just how ironic it is that my post-holiday blogging is about workout clothes…is the universe trying to tell me something? 😛

Anyhow, as soon as I saw the latest Sewaholic pattern release, the Vancouver Collection, I knew I needed to add the Pacific Leggings and Dunbar Top to my activewear wardrobe. They looked like the perfect combo of sleek and practical, with their flattering design lines and fun construction details. I especially loved that the leggings had a zippered pocket option on the back waistband – such a nice extra!

I actually had traced and cut out all the pattern pieces while we were still living in San Francisco, but our sudden cross-country move prevented me from finally sewing them until a week or two ago. I began by basting the pieces together, since these patterns were new to me, to check fit before feeding them through my serger. I’m glad I did – I ended up needing to add a bit of length to the back crotch and front right where it meets the waistband. Since the leggings include generous 5/8″ seam allowances, this was no problem, thankfully. The top fit me fine as-is – my only change there was to shorten the hem by an inch or so. Some folks have noted that the sports bra version is quite short, though, so if you’re making view B, you may want to do a full-out muslin.

I also made the design decision (waaaay back in San Francisco…) to combine the color-blocking in view B of the leggings with the cropped length of view C. To do this, I simply traced out all the view B pieces and lay them on top of the tissue pattern pieces of view C, marking the shorted hemline on my traced pieces. I tend to overheat pretty quickly in full-length workout pants, so I knew the cropped version was a must, but I didn’t want to miss out on the fun color-blocking opportunities of view B! Sometimes, you can have it all :).


Oh, and I took a million pictures…just to warn you ;). A few detail shots:


You can sort of see the binding topstitching in these pics – I’m not 100% thrilled with the method the pattern uses for binding the neckline and armholes on the top, since it seemed unnecessarily fiddly. I feel like there must be a better way, so next time I make the top, I may try playing around with some different options. I decided to call it “good enough for now,” and hopefully will improve on future projects!

The fabric I used was designed specifically for athletic-wear. The grey was leftover from this project, and the pink is a remnant from a RTW activewear line (I think it was New Balance, but I can’t remember…) that I got from Steve’s in King of Prussia. I did use some sports-weight mesh for the straps on the top, which I got from Imagine Gnats online. I have a feeling it’s intended more for athletic shorts, though, since it’s not quite as stretchy as this pattern probably needed, but it worked out well enough for now.

In terms of daily use, these pieces have held up great so far. I’ve gone running, lifted weights, and done some pretty intense cardio (think burpees and jump squats) in these garments, and everything has stayed in place quite nicely. The top gives me just as much support as my RTW workout top, which I’m really pleased with. These new pieces have definitely put a little extra spring in my step!



4 thoughts on “Springing to Action: Sewaholic Workout Wardrobe

  1. Love the colour blocking on both pieces. I have made the bra version of the top and I also found the binding really fiddly and hard to make look really polished. I’m thinking of trying foe as binding but I’m interested in what you will try. I like the leggings and think I will add them to my never-ending queue.

  2. Your workout gear looks fabulous! I especially love your leggings: the fit looks amazing and I love that you did the color-blocking on the cropped length. I have all my fabric for these patterns but haven’t even started yet (typical), and now I’m thinking I need a full-length set AND a cropped set after seeing yours! =)

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