Summery Soma

Greetings from the wondrous land of Maine, otherwise known as vacation paradise! My husband and I have been on a lovely little trip back east for the past two weeks, and are trying to soak in as much foresty goodness as we can before heading back to the city. We miss green things!

As usual, our vacation inspired a frenzy of last-minute sewing, as I decided about two weeks before we left that I needed all new clothes. Ha! I didn’t so much plan a vacation wardrobe as frantically sew everything quick, easy, and summery that I could lay my hands on. I actually managed to churn out several successful garments (still awaiting photography), and one more swimsuit!

Ever since the success of my Bombshell Swimsuit, I’ve had a sudden hankering to sew yet more swimwear. Which is somewhat ironic, since, in the past decade or so, I’ve owned maybe two swimsuits. Maybe. However, what was never a priority before has now become something of an obsession (I blame my lingerie habit). Yes, I’m surprised, too.

I had purchased the Papercut Patterns Soma Swimsuit pdf pattern a while ago when they were having a sale, and have had that project in the back of my mind for some time. I made the variation 2 top and the mid-rise bottoms in a size XS and S, respectively. I also made foam cups from the upper and lower cup pattern pieces (I don’t think I’d really ever be comfortable in a swimsuit without some extra padding), which made the construction a little dicier than it otherwise would’ve been. I wasn’t sure if the top would actually be wearable until I finished it, but I think it worked!

IMG_2721 IMG_2722

For the foam cups, I basically just cut the upper and lower cups out of foam, removing 3/8″ at the cross-cup seam and at the top of the upper cup to make room for the elastic. Then, instead of attaching the upper and lower cup to the lining all at once, I sewed the swimsuit fabric and lining separately, sandwiching the finished foam cups in between. It looks a little funny when it’s not on my body, but when I’m wearing it I think it works pretty well.


I also criss-crossed the straps in the back – I hate feeling like straps are about to fall off my shoulders, so this seemed like a good solution. Sorry for the awkward bum shot….

Altogether, I’m pretty pleased with it! This is the first time I’ve actually wanted to wear a bikini in public. I have a feeling I will do a lot more swimming now that I have two me-made suits. 🙂



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