Red and Black: Bra Edition

In case you were wondering whether or not my bra obsession has subsided, it most definitely has NOT! I have several finished bras to share, and today you get two!

First up, I have another rendition of the Linda bra, a partial band design by Beverly Johnson. I had made this bra twice before with limited success – one was unwearable, and the other was good enough to wear but certainly not perfect. In this third version, I narrowed the bridge a tad, since it was too wide in my brown version, and also gave myself a little more length across the top of the cup.

IMG_2645 IMG_2648

This is definitely my best version so far, but after comparing this bra to other finished versions of Beverly’s bras, I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps I’m making it a size too small in the first place. I’ve been sewing a 32A, since that most closely matches my measurements according to this pattern, but I usually make 32B (that’s the size I use for both the Watson and the Marlborough, and my usual RTW size). In fact, I was fitted for a bra recently, and they said I could even go up to a C (I’m highly skeptical). Since all of the other versions of this bra that I’ve seen have more breast coverage than mine, I’m wondering if I should approach the fit from the next size up. It may also be possible that partial bras just aren’t the best design for my chest structure.

The material I used were from a Bra Maker’s Supply kit, with additional lace from Britex. I decided give this bra a little more pizzaz, and even added some lace to the back closure:


Because I can!

My next bra is another Watson bra, with undies to match. I continue to love this pattern, especially with the addition of foam padding. For this version, I used both foam padding and fold-over elastic for a very sleek, streamlined look. I’m really loving the result, and this has become my go-to “dark colors” bra.


Adding the fold-over elastic required a few changes to the pattern – shaving off 1/4″ at the neck/underarm elastics and 1/2″ at the bottom band. I also used FOE for the straps, which required a little elastic gymnastics – I may end up trying to do a tutorial on this, if I can get myself organized enough!

For the foam padding, I used the same technique as last time, and this time added a little ribbon to the cross-cup seam for a nicer finish (it also feels smoother!).


That’s all for now – more bras to come, though! Can’t stop a good addiction…


4 thoughts on “Red and Black: Bra Edition

  1. Wow fantastic! I love the lace on the back of your Linda bra! And your Watson set looks perfect!! – you know me with my foam and fold over elastic! Love it all!! 🙂 – also elastic gymnastics – lol best phrase ever!

  2. Looks like you have the makings of a red/black mix/match wardrobe! As much as I love all the fancy laces (I really do), there’s something really refreshing in the simplicity of your Watsons with the FOE trim. Really beautiful work!

  3. I found your blog through the I Am Ms Frizzle blog, where she lists bra sewers by size – and we are the same size! Love seeing these, and especially love the idea of a padded watson bra.

    • Oh fabulous!! It looks from your blog like we probably have similar fit “issues” :). I see you’ve had success with the Classic bra – I’m wondering if I should switch to that from the Linda (the partial band version). Good to meet another Bay Area blogger!

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