Valentine’s Surprise!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I hope you are able to spend some quality time with the folks you love today :). I’ve got some awesome cooking plans for me and my man, so I’m pretty pumped! Oh, and in the spirit of the day, I thought I’d show y’all my underwear ;).

That’s right, it’s happened, my friends. I have finally fallen down the lingerie-making rabbit hole. With what seems to be the entire sewing blogger community stitching up their own intimates, I decided it was high time I joined the fray!

I still remember the first time I thought about sewing bras. A little less than a year ago, Tasia at Sewaholic posted about her experience taking a bra making class, and showed off her lovely first makes. I remember thinking, “oh, that’s cool, but I’ll totally never do that.” But then she kept posting her gorgeous makes. Then I discovered that Madalynne was doing it too. Then pretty much the whole sewing community jumped in when the Cloth Habit Watson Bra pattern came out, and I was that one awkward kid standing alone at the edge of the pool while everyone else was already having fun. MY TURN.

So now here I am, five bras older and wiser. So far I’ve just been working with the Watson Bra pattern, but have plans to branch out soon. I had wanted to start out with one of the fun kits by Grey’s Fabric or Blackbird Fabrics, but they were both sadly sold out at the time I got the pattern, so I decided to be adventurous and get my own supplies. It turns out Britex has a lot of bra making materials, so I was able to get everything I needed there. I’m actually kind of glad I had to figure it out on my own – I already feel like I have a better handle on the whole bra making process after spending the time figuring out materials.

My store-bought bra size has always been a 32B, but when I measured myself according to Amy’s instructions, I was more like a 32A, so I went ahead with the smaller size. The nice thing about bras is that they’re fast and don’t require a ton of fabric, so you can always make another one! I made my first attempt out of a random scrap of knit fabric and some swimsuit lining (I quickly discovered that I had gotten the wrong kind of lining on my first trip to Britex – oops!), and was actually quite pleased with the result.



The only fitting issue I noticed was that the band was a tad tight, so I added 1/4″ to the back band piece. However, the band relaxed a bit the more I wore it, so now in retrospect that probably wasn’t even necessary. One thing I wasn’t so fond of in that first bra (and is an issue I’m still trying to figure out – any input is appreciated!), and please excuse my bluntness here, was that it didn’t really disguise when things got a bit chilly, if y’all catch my drift. Now, I’m not sure if this is really a problem or not – it’s just not something I’m used to, having worn super padded bras most of my life. What are your opinions on this – is it considered unprofessional to show up to work in a soft bra like that, or is it no problem? My husband thought it was fine, but, well…

So for bra #2 I tried adding lining to the cup as well as the cradle. This didn’t entirely fix the issue, but I did like the feeling of being slightly more “covered.”


…and I made matching undies!


I’ve literally never cared about owning matching lingerie sets before in my life, and now all of a sudden, I want to make ALL THE MATCHING SETS. In fact, I never really cared about my lingerie in any respect before now, and the only time I willingly entered Victoria’s Secret was to shop for appropriate wedding undergarments :P.

Anyhow, more details:



So, of course, after two bras, I was just getting started. Ha. To avoid overwhelming you with too much more info in one post, I’ll save most of the rest for later. But since it’s Valentine’s Day and all that, I thought it’d be fun to show off my lingerie for the occasion :).






14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Surprise!

  1. Well done! I’ve yet to jump on the bra making band wagon but I keep reading post likes yours and getting more inspired. I do have a few bras I’ve outgrown so I may be able to use rings etc from them on the off chance I pull my finger out and make one.
    I alway wear T shirt bras with moulded cups to hide the ‘cold aspect’, like you mentioned, and I did wonder what happened when you make your own. S’pose there’s always plasters…… Lol πŸ˜€βœ‚οΈπŸ˜€

  2. Glad to see you’re diving into lingerie! I agree, all the great bra-making around the web is really inspiring, and it’s hard not to join in on the fun. It’s definitely been swirling around in my head lately!

    As for disguising the cold, this is my main hesitation in sewing my own bras. I suspect the attitude on covering up varies from workplace to workplace, but I would never show up to my office without an appropriately padded bra. It is just *not done* where I work, so I’d have to relegate a Watson bra to lounging around the house, which would be fine, and probably pretty comfortable. πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to seeing more of your handmade lingerie! Have fun!

    • Thanks! I can definitely see that in certain work situations, this kind of bra wouldn’t be appropriate. I work with ballet dancers, however, who are all wearing leotards – so, same issue as my non-padded bras. I’m not sure if that makes mine ok, but I do think it changes the wardrobe dynamic somewhat.

      It also makes me why we consider this so inappropriate/borderline scandalous – is this a feminist thing? It’s something I’m honestly curious about…

      • Yes, great point! I’m curious about this too. Wouldn’t it be so liberating to ditch all that padding? Maybe the bra-burners of the 70s were onto something. πŸ™‚

  3. They look super professional! I have yet to even consider bras, although I seem to be addicted to making briefs at the moment. But then, my bras require some structural engineering that I think may be best left to professionals πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! Good question about materials – I should mention that in my next bra post. Actually, none of these are cotton! The mesh lining and power mesh on all of them are nylon/Lycra blends. The orange bra is a poly/Lycra blend, the nude one is nylon/Lycra, and I think the black is also poly/Lycra. I’ve also used bamboo, which is lovely!

  4. Your bras (and undies!) look awesome! (Add that to the list of things I never thought I’d say to strangers, LOL!) I’ve caught the lingerie-making bug too, but haven’t had a chance to buy the fabric, strap rings, or hook-and-eye tape yet. I have lots of elastics, though! Hopefully my first attempts turn out as good as yours!

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