Preppy Pink Chuck

I finally did it, y’all – I finally broke free from the Perfectionist’s Curse! And I made stuff! Woohoo!!

Today’s make, however, is actually something I made over New Year’s while visiting my in-laws. I have really been enjoying knitting, and decided to take part in Andi Satterlund’s Selfish Swearer Knit-Along. I chose to knit her Chuck sweater pattern, which I’d been eyeing for a while since I looove knitting cables. It came together in no time at all – I started it the day after Christmas and finished exactly a week later!


Not to shabby! I knitted a size small, but I’m thinking I may need to size down when making her patterns in the future – it’s a bit big through the armholes and bust.



It’s still totally wearable, though, and I’ve enjoyed wearing it out several times since finishing it! I especially love the button-up shirt/sweater combo – it gives it a slightly preppy edge, which I enjoy :). I’ve been wanting to dress more professionally to work these days, and thought this ensemble had an especially polished, put-together look.


Check out those cables! I really do enjoy cable work. In fact, I’m trying to whip out another Chuck before the KAL ends. However, I’m using a different yarn – I used Lion Brand worsted weight for this one, and now I’m trying out Cascade 220, which is what the pattern calls for. For some reason, I’m have a terrible time with wonky cables and loose traveling stitches – any advice?? I’ve literally ripped it out three times, and am wondering if it’s even worth it to try at this point.

Anyhow, I’m quite pleased with this make – my very first finished project of 2015!



5 thoughts on “Preppy Pink Chuck

  1. Looks great. I’m also knitting a Chuck for the KAL. I’m finding mine is coming out a size too big as well but still wearable. I was nervous to make it too small. I like it with a collared shirt underneath.
    You could try taking a photo of what you mean by loose/wonky cables and post it in the KAL to see if that helps with advice.

  2. I love those cables! Like the whole outfit too! Is that a Hollyburn skirt I spy? You are a fast knitter 😉 I joined that Selfish Sweater KAL and started the cropped winter sweater but I am still on the first sleeve!

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