The Missing Link Hollyburn

Well, folks, the struggle with perfectionism continues. I still have yet to finish a single sewn garment in 2015. Argh. The good news is, I am three buttons away from finishing a major project from last year, so at least that’s something! I’m thinking this sudden perfection paralysis is the result of working through my perfectionist tendencies as a musician. I tend to find that my music and my crafting go hand-in-hand in terms of helping me work through creative struggles; in this case, as I am working to find freedom from perfection in my music making, my inner perfection beast is rearing its ugly head in my sewing world. Ah, well, it is what it is. I’m working through it, and that’s what matters!

That being said, today’s garment is another from the end of 2014. I made it when I was full-on stress-sewing the week before leaving for my holiday travels – I ended up making almost a garment a day in my frenzied excitement! (Which is also probably why I’m having such a hard time getting back into things!) This is my fourth Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt – definitely a TNT pattern at this point! The fabric is a lovely bronze cotton twill from Mood, and is actually left over from the aforementioned major project that is almost done. I’m so glad I’ve finally gotten around to making so many neutral skirts – this one especially has really filled a “missing link” in my wardrobe!



This time around I added belt loops, which in my opinion really makes the skirt. Sometimes it’s those little details that make all the difference! I’ve also been finding that I need to modify the size of the waistband depending on the type of fabric I use with this pattern, since it’s so close-fitting at the waist. For this skirt, I added about 3/8″, since the twill is a tighter weave and therefore has less give than other fabrics I’ve used in the past. It’s still a tad on the tight side, but very wearable!



These pictures were taking during a lovely day trip to Philadelphia near the end of my visit with my parents. It was a surprisingly warm day, and we took a fantastic walking tour of the city, including a stroll through the University of Pennsylvania campus. Definitely a highlight of my vacation!

How is your 2015 sewing so far? Are you still getting back into it, or are you already stitching away?


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