The (Very Belated) Birthday Pants

So, this post is proof that not only am I a terrible blogger, I’m also a terrible wife. (TOTALLY did not mean to take a three week blogging break! Agh!!) My husband’s half-birthday was this past Monday. And I just finished his birthday gift a few weeks ago, making me a little under six months late. Oops.

In my defense, early June was when I had my terrible kidney stone incident (the stone literally passed on the day of his birthday…I told him that was his gift!), so I wasn’t in a very good birthday shopping state of mind. I had decided to take him on a whale watching cruise as a gift, but then we moved…no whales to see here! I has some red Robert Kaufman stretch twill in my stash, and since he loves colorful, slightly flamboyant pants, I thought this would be perfect for another pair of Thread Theory Jedediah Pants. Now that we’re well into Christmas season, they’re even appropriate for the current festivities!



I added a little width to the bottom, grading from slightly above the knee to the hem to make them a little less “skinny.” Other than that, I made the pattern as-is, aside from shortening the hem an inch and a half. I really took my time making these. Part of this was procrastination, but part was to ensure that I didn’t rush the details. I’m especially proud of the topstitching on this project, which I occasionally redid several times to make sure it was perfect. Even though my husband doesn’t notice that stuff, I sure do!



The button was fun – I used a jean button I got from Grey’s Fabric, which I got to use a hammer to install. Gets rid of frustration and looks extra professional – win! As usual, I really enjoyed this Thread Theory pattern – Morgan does such a great job! I’m hoping to squeeze out another of her patterns in time for Christmas; fingers crossed I get it done in time!!

I really wish I had gotten better detail pictures, but I’ve been having a really hard time with photography lately – any suggestions?? In fact, part of the reason I haven’t been blogging as much is because I’m getting pretty bummed about my poor photography skills. So many blogs have such wonderful pictures, but mine feel so crummy! I promise the pants look much better in real life than they do in these pictures :P. So any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Anyhow, I’m quite pleased with how these turned out, and it think my husband likes them, too! And who knows – maybe if he’s lucky, he’ll get his Christmas present before June :P.


8 thoughts on “The (Very Belated) Birthday Pants

  1. If it makes you feel any better I still have to finish a quilt I started for my youngest sister’s birthday. She had her birthday early January. Yes, I’ll have to hurry up to finish it in time for her next one…
    I think twill is seriously difficult to photograph well. Every tiny little wrinkle somehow manages to show even when they aren’t really visible in reality.

  2. Re: photos, I think yours are fine. If you want them all Semi-Professional rather than nicely illustrative, though, I think the most straightforward fix is lighting. You can probably look up lighting tutorials for food blogging and apply to laid-out clothes photos, but in general: more light, from more directions (reducing harsh shadows), makes for a happy photo. I haul together all the portable lamps when I need to take a “good” photo of an object or person and try to get as much indirect daylight in the mix as possible, to boot. But I think there are probably less-ridiculous ways out there. You can also do some post-processing to alter contrast and color, etc., to make the photos look a little closer to reality, potentially, if that’s a problem.

    Anyway, I think your photos are just fine. But light is probably the fastest “fix”. 🙂

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