Winter Is…Coming??

Now that we’re already several days into November, the temperature difference between San Francisco and the east coast is really starting to sink in – it’s still in the 60’s and 70’s here! Which utterly baffles me, especially now that daylight saving time is over and it gets dark so early. But hey, anything beats last year’s savage Boston winter! Although I miss seeing the leaves turn color and the air turn crisp, I can’t say I mind wearing my summer dresses.

However, one thing I’ve discovered about the climate here is that as evening sets in and the sun goes down, temperatures do drop pretty dramatically. I mean, it is kind of a desert out here, after all! So although I can get away with short sleeves during the day, when I go out at night I need to dress for cooler weather. One thing I realized soon after moving here is that a big, warm scarf would do wonders to stave off the evening chill, and since I’ve really been in the knitting groove lately, I decided to get on that!

I had actually bought some nice, chunky yarn last year on Black Friday from two skeins of Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Chunky. I was inspired by Tasia’s gorgeous cowl scarf, and decided I really needed one for myself! Granted, that was back when I though I would have to face another Boston winter, but I’ve already worn it here several times!

Like Tasia, I used the GAP-tastic Cowl Pattern, which is a free Ravelry download. It’s great for beginning knitters, since it’s just the same stitch over and over…and over! I found it calming to keep knitting the same thing row after row, and it only took me a weekend to finish. Not bad!


Mine ended up being a little narrower than the pattern recommended – 12″ instead of 15″ – but as you can see, it’s still plenty big!


I can tell this will get lots of use throughout the fall and winter. Hooray for quick and easy projects that are also super useful!



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