Double Bubble Gum Bill

Today I have not one, but two finished garments to share with you! I need to get up to date on my blogging, because my sewing machines arrive in THREE DAYS!!! Can’t wait!

Anyhow, these two pieces were some of the last things I made in Boston before the move, and I’m rather proud of them. The first is a peplum top version of the Colette Moneta pattern, which I made using Devon’s fab tutorial for a hi-lo circle peplum. The construction was pretty straightforward – Devon leads you easily through drafting the peplum, and I used another one of her tutorials to finish my armholes and neckline with the bodice lining. Voilà!


As you can see, there’s some pretty significant gaping around the neck, which I don’t particularly mind on this top, but I do want to fix next time I make up this pattern (and there will be many more times!). The fabric is a rayon jersey from Mood. It was on sale, and I just couldn’t help myself :P. It has very good recovery, which means that it fits me a *little* tighter than I might like, but the double layer of bodice fabric keeps my bra straps from showing through too obviously.


When I asked my husband what he thought of the top, he said it was “bubble gum cute.” I rather like that phrase – I think it describes my personal aesthetic pretty accurately. Sweet, light, and fun!

Now for the second part of today’s double bill – the pants! Yes, that’s right, I made pants!! These are definitely still a “wearable muslin” – there’s a lot that’s not perfect about them – but I’m still really proud of myself for jumping in and giving it a go.

I used the Colette Clover pattern, which is really everything I want in a pair of pants – no fly zip (those are extraordinarily unflattering on me!), slim fitting, with a waist facing instead of a waistband. I was a good girl and made a legit muslin from stretch twill, which helped me identify several fit issues. I needed to take in the sides a bit, and take a big wedge out of the front crotch area. I also took a bit of length out above the calf in the back, as the fabric was getting hung up on my large-ish calves. Luckily, I had enough of my “muslin” fabric to make a second version, which is what you see here:




As you can see, there’s still some pooling under the bum, and the legs a still a little wonky – not sure why. I’m thinking I need to take out a little more a the side seams from the hips downward, but I’m really not sure. There is clearly a lot more experimenting to be done!

All in all, I consider them a success, since I have actually worn them in
public several times (always with a peplum top, though, to hide my fit issues :P). I would really love to get these fitting well, so I’m sure there will be future pants fitting posts. In the meantime, any pants fitting suggestions would be much appreciated!


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