Taps for Tap Shorts

As you all know from a previous post, one of my new favorite patterns is Katy and Laney’s new Tap Shorts pattern. They’re fun, flattering, unique, and perfect for the summer heat.

Since moving to the Bay Area, however, I’ve made a rather sad discovery: it’s almost never shorts weather in San Francisco. For some reason, I had gotten it in my head during my final weeks in Boston that I should really stock up on shorts for the “balmy California weather,” so I made two more pairs before packing up the sewing machines. Since we’ve been staying in Sunnyvale the past few weeks, I’ve still gotten to wear them (the weather here is, well, sunny :P), but I’m afraid to say that, after we move to our new apartment in the city next week, it looks like I’ll be saying goodbye to my new favorite garments :'(.

(Um, did y’all catch that, btw?! We have a place!! Provided they actually give us the keys on Monday…fingers crossed…)

Luckily, however, me and my tap shorts had a great time frolicking around Boston before I left, and I got some great pics!




I’m especially proud of the welt pockets on this pair, which involved some rather daring unpicking feats. After I cut open the welts, I discovered that one pocket was perfectly lined up along the polka dots, but the other wasn’t – agh! So I decided to take matters into my own hands and take out the pocket with the wonky dots and resew it so that the dots lined up. It was a bit scary, but I succeeded. As I told Laney afterwards, I was really feeling alive that day!!

One other thing I wanted to point out with this pair was that I did a “full tummy adjustment.” In my first pair I noted that the front waistband pulled downwards a bit due to my fuller tummy, so for my next pairs, I extended the inseam by 1/2″ and also added a 1/2″ at the waistband, which added a total of 1″ of ease to the front. This got rid of the waistband pulling, and is also more comfortable to wear! Whenever I finally get my sewing equipment from storage, I hope to do a tutorial on making those adjustments.

Oh, and you may notice I mentioned above that I made two pairs – the second is a denim pair from 6.5 oz Robert Kauffman denim. No pics yet, but I love ’em!

And now for a few more shots of shorts + Boston!


Snazzy welt pockets + snazzy view of the harbor


Visiting the Institute of Contemporary Art – they had an amazing video installation of a band playing music from different rooms in a Victorian Mansion. Go see it!!


Behind-the-scenes tour at the New England Aquarium.

It may be time to pack away the shorts, but they sure went out with a bang! 😉


5 thoughts on “Taps for Tap Shorts

  1. Cute shorts! I love the polka dots! And congratulations on finding a place to live. Both times I visited San Francisco I had to wear a heavy sweater and I was cursing myself for not bring my winter hat for a summer vacation. I couldn’t believe how cold and windy it was there, and I live in Canada!

  2. Ahhh so cute!

    I’m glad to hear you’ve found an apartment. I hope that means we’ll see some sewing space pictures in the near future. Good luck with the move!

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