Hello, Captain Obvious!

It recently occurred to me that I would be able to wear a great deal more of my handmade items if I just had a few more neutrals garments on hand. It also occurred to me that I have a tendency not to sew neutrals. Notice a problem?

Neutrals are the oft-forgotten heroes of fashion – they allow you to wear that flamboyant top, because the pants balance it out, etc. Yet every time I walk into the fabric store, I’m enticed by the bright colors and fun prints all around me, and I forget that simpler, quieter makes can be just as fulfilling. In fact, sewing with neutrals is an excellent reminder of the power of fabric itself – unadorned by flashy designs, neutrals showcase the fibers themselves, which have their own distinct beauty.

Ok, sorry if I got too poetic up there, but I’m just so excited about all of the gorgeous chambrays that recently came to Grey’s Fabrics. I happened to be in the shop when a new shipment came in from Robert Kaufman, and I was smitten. After a lovely evening with the Crafty Foxes Sewing Club, it finally dawned on me that I should make another Hollyburn Skirt out of one of the denim-colored chambrays – hello, captain obvious!

I had been dying to make a second Hollyburn ever since my first, and this was pretty much a match made in heaven. I decided to include some decorative topstitching around the seams, since it’s such a simple pattern and I wanted a little more detail. I used a slightly longer stitch length than usual, 3 mm, a suggestion I had read on Lauren’s blog, and I really like the result.


The fabric is a blend of cotton and linen – 55% cotton/45% linen, I believe – which made it wonderful to sew and wear. *Edit: it’s actually a linen/rayon blend – no wonder it’s to amazing!* It was very stable to work with, thanks to the cotton, but still drapes very nicely, thanks to the linen. Also, I doesn’t wrinkle as badly as pure linen – a major plus!


Oh, and I decided to try something new with this make – I sewed a regular zipper! I figured that would work better with the topstitching than an invisible zipper (and I really don’t remember how to do a lapped zipper!). I still prefer invisible zippers, but it was good to try something “new” for a change.


Topstitching detail:


So there you have it! A simple, neutral skirt that I can pair with just about anything!



One thought on “Hello, Captain Obvious!

  1. Great skirt. I just made the Hollyburn in a purple chambray and I’ve been wearing it constantly. Sometimes it is the simple stuff that ends up being loved the most.

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