A Very Special *Outfit*

Wow, apparently when I said I wouldn’t be blogging as much I really meant it! Apologies yet again…life has taken a turn for the crazy/exciting/whaaaaa…??! The short version is that my hubby just landed a super awesome tech job in Silicon Valley, so we will be moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in less than a month! SO CRAZY.

Needless to say, I have quite a mixture of emotions about this…I am pretty bummed about having to leave Boston Ballet and am more than a little worried that I won’t be able to find a comparably cool gig out west. But, I’m also excited – no more cold weather!! Yippee! And the time and freedom to do freelancing again, which is something I’d been wanting to explore/revisit. So anyhow, that’s that.

Now on to sewing! Even though I haven’t blogged in forever and in spite of a fairly insane summer work schedule and teeny tiny summer apartment, I’ve actually been sewing up a storm. I need a channel for all my nervous energy about the move, which I’ve been pouring into some projects that I’m pretty proud of! Unfortunately, I haven’t found any good photography spots yet, hence the lack of blogging. Hopefully I’ll find a solution…

But for now, I still have to finish my anniversary party blogging! Which feels like it was a century ago, although in reality it was just three weeks ago. TIME IS CRAZY. Anyhow, there have been so many awesome sewalongs and contests this summer that I’ve missed out on because of all the craziness, but one thing I really didn’t want to sit out on was Andi and Lauren’s Outfit Along. The idea of designing a sewn and a knit garment to go together is total genius, especially since I keep finding myself knitting things that don’t go with my wardrobe.

It just so happened that the OAL started right as I was beginning work on The Dress. I actually didn’t think about knitting a garment to go with it until the dress was finished, but I realized afterwards that I wanted a little lacy bolero to go with it, and that knitting was the perfect solution! I found this adorable free pattern on Ravelry, which looked pretty quick and easy (I had a week left at that point!), and also FREE! I thought the leaf pattern in the bolero would work nicely with the floral pattern on the dress lace.

I knew I wanted a cotton yarn, since it’s summer and I didn’t want anything too warm, and was hoping to find something with a little sheen to it as well. I ended up finding the perfect yarn at my local yarn shop – a lovely mercerized cotton with just a touch of shine. The knitting was super fast – just a few days! – and I couldn’t be happier with the finished outfit.



Ravelry notes are here, in case anyone is curious.

Thank you all so much for the lovely responses on my last post – so sorry I’ve been such a lazy blogger and haven’t replied yet! I always appreciate your comments, and your support and encouragement means so much!

And lastly, do you have any advice on sewing/music/other cool stuff to do in the Bay Area???

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