Naughty Sewing, Hollyburn Edition

I purchased the Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt pattern a few months ago and have been meaning to sew it ever since. After seeing Lauren’s awesome version a few days ago, I knew it was time. The pattern says it isn’t intended for stripes or plaids, but I found a lovely striped cotton/poly blend in some of the fabric that was recently given to me by my Princeton friend and really wanted to make it work. Naughty me!


The stripe on this particular fabric ran parallel to the selvage instead of perpendicular (which is the usual orientation for stripes), which definitely made it easier to pull off. I managed to get the stripes to match perfectly in the front and back, and fudged the sides so that part of the stripes match up. Since the stripes are running vertically, I knew that they would come together in a neat “v” along the seam lines regardless of whether or not the stripes actually matched, which I think helps mask the mismatched spots on the side.




Speaking of stripe matching, check out that pocket! I was super proud of myself for managing to get that bit to match up. I had been avoiding sewing with stripes for a while because I didn’t feel like matching, but now I’ve caught the stripe sewing bug and want to see how many crazy matches I can manage! Ha!

I made view C, the shortest and most flared, but added about an inch of length, since I feel incredibly self-conscious if I think my skirt is too short. I also cut it out in a single layer, which really helped with the stripe matching. Also, I managed to squeeze this out of about a yard and a half of 45″ wide fabric – a yard less than called for! Win!


That’s my “naughty girl duck face” pose :P. I used to be a strict rule follower, but I’m finally feeling comfortable enough with my sewing skills that I can break them every once in a while. Freeeeedooom!

Oh, and one last thing – voting is up for this week’s Project Sewn sewalong! My floral Pastille is entry 16 – if you liked it, why not go over and vote? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Naughty Sewing, Hollyburn Edition

  1. Wow, great job with the stripe matching! That kind of stuff drives me crazy, so I have lots of respect for anyone who can pull it off!

    • Haha, thanks! I used to avoid it like the plague, but for some reason I find it intriguing now. One thing that made this easier was using a woven fabric – my previous experience matching stripes had all been with jersey knits, which aren’t too stable, and so aren’t great for your first try.

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