Pastille Partay!

For some reason, being super stressed out and busy has actually led to an explosion of sewing…I guess when I’m in “do a million things” mode I really do get stuff done! Anyhow, in the midst of apartment searching and sort-of wedding planning (ha! More about that at some future date…), I managed to complete a dress for the second week of Project Sewn. Ha! Take that, stress!

The theme for this week is floral, which means you can do pretty much anything. It was a nice change from last week, which was so genre specific, and a big relief, because I didn’t have the time or mental energy to devote to another brain-breakingingly complicated project. Since I had poured so much time into perfecting the fit of the Colette Handbook Pastille dress, I decided to just go ahead and make another, this time with no cutting and pasting. I really like the pattern as-is – it has some lovely design lines, and aside from some fit issues, it fairly easy to construct.



The fit still isn’t quite perfect, but I think it’s good enough for now. There are some diagonal wrinkles along the sides, which I was thinking were due to the bust shaping and dart size, but I’m now realizing that it probably has to do with extra fullness through the high bust/shoulders. Colette patterns are drafted for a C cup, and ladies with larger busts also often have more fullness through the upper bust than smaller busted ladies (like me), so I have a feeling that’s the culprit.

The bodice back was the biggest fit challenge. For some reason, there’s a big ol’ dart back there – one reviewer described it as “a back that would made the Hunchback of Notre Dame jealous.” Ha. I did some research to see how other folks had dealt with the problem, and there were all sorts of complicated solutions. I wanted a simple fix, so I just did a SBA. Weird, I know, since there’s no bust in the back…but it worked! And didn’t break my brain in the process.


(The wrinkles back there are mostly due to the lightness of the fabric – I promise it really does fit!)

The fabric for this dress was actually given to me by a friend from Princeton. When she found out that I had started sewing, she offered to give me some of the pieces from her stash that weren’t getting used, so of course I lept at the opportunity. I love it when people give me fabric! This lovely piece is a cotton/poly voile, and has a slight sheen, giving it a floaty, dreamy quality. I really love it, and the dress!


So that’s my week two Project Sewn entry. And speaking of Project Sewn, many thanks to to everyone who voted and helped me win the week one sewalong! Eep!!

P.S. Did anyone notice that my shoes are actually made up of tiny ribbon rosettes? Well, they are, just FYI. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Pastille Partay!

  1. Gorgeous! The fit looks really good, and I’m glad you kept the pintucks which are my favourite bit.

    And you most definitely deserved to win week one! Your dress was amazing.

  2. You look great! The Pastille is a great canvas to display a beautiful fabric. I have never thought much of the Pastille, but with your dresses it’s growing on me.

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