The Daenerys Dress: Pattern Details

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all! It’s a beautiful day here in Boston, and hopefully it is for you, too!

Today I thought I would be fun to show you how I messed around with the Pastille dress pattern from the Colette Handbook to create my Daenerys dress from a few days ago. And also to show off my new photo editing abilities :P.

To create the bodice, I first traced the entire Pastille bodice onto pattern paper (both sides instead of on the fold). Next, I lowered the neckline from the “sweetheart” line of the original to a deeper “v” line. I then sketched the “crossover” pattern straight onto the bodice and cut. Since I didn’t want to sew darts in the crossover pieces, I actually folded out the original dart to create a more curved pattern piece, like this:


(How ’bout those photo editing skillz, yeah???)

I then added seam allowances – 1 1/4″, since I needed to go over the 5/8″ seam allowance that was already there and then overlap back again. Just trust me on this one. Side note: it would’ve made my life much easier to remove all seam allowances to begin with and add them back in the end. If I had done that, I would’ve needed to add the usual 5/8″ instead of 1 1/4″. Next time, I will do this!! (The math nearly broke me….agh)

So this is what all of the bodice pattern pieces looked like after my edits:


And just for reference, here’s what the Pastille bodice normally looks like:


For the skirt front, I again traced the full pattern piece onto pattern paper instead of putting it on the fold. I added a little bit of the bodice bottom, since I had chopped it off to create the crossover top. I then eyeballed the curve and hoped I got it right….


For the back, I pretty much just used the Pastille pattern as-is, except for cutting the oval out of the back bodice. I did that straight onto the fabric (I was really livin’ on the edge with this project!!), so there were no changes to the pattern piece.

So there you have it! I also just wanted to say “thank you” for all the wonderful comments on my finished project – it meant so much to me! Y’all are awesome for reading this!

And lastly, there’s still a little more time left in the voting for the sewalong (I think it ends tonight), so if you loved this dress, why not go vote? 🙂


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