Playing Catch-Up!

I’ve mentioned several time that I have a backlog of blogging to do, but I think this post should get me all caught up! The next few months are shaping up to be pretty crazy for me, so I’m trying to get in as much sewing now as possible before we change apartments in June (hopefully moving closer to work…fingers crossed!) and I have to pack up my machines :'(. Not looking forward to that!

So for this post I have not one but two new makes to show you! First of all, I was super excited when Sarai at Colette Patterns announced their Guide to Sewing Knits book and two new knit patterns, so I preordered the book and patterns as soon as I could! The book is a fantastic resource for anyone who is new sewing knits or who needs a little more info on their knit sewing techniques. The patterns are fast, simple, and lovely. As it was still Lent when I got the book and patterns, I grabbed the one knit jersey that was left in my stash and got to work making a Moneta Dress.

I really love the fit of this pattern – the gathered skirt is surprisingly flattering, and the waist shaping has a lovely contour. I omitted the pockets on this version because I was using a lightweight knit, and the pockets just ended up look like excess fabric at the side seams. I love all the different collar options, and went for the tie collar, which is one of the online extras on the pattern site. I only had a tiny bit of the polka dot fabric left, but it was just enough for the collar – proof that your tiny knit scraps really are useful! 🙂




There’s another new me-made item in the outfit – can you guess what it is? The Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings! I’ve been wanted to make these for a while, but was wary of PDF patterns. However, I’ve gotten comfortable enough with figuring out the scaling setup of the printer I use that I felt I could take a chance purchasing it. I’ve decided that since I love the process of sewing and don’t necessarily care if I’m making something super fancy, I might as well sew all of my “essentials,” such as leggings and underwear, so I was eager to give this pattern a try.



And it does not disappoint! I made a size small grading to a medium at the hips, but next time I’ll just make a size small – since this is a knit and a super simple pattern, the fit is quite forgiving, and I’d rather have these on the tighter than the looser side. These are probably the fastest thing I’ve ever sewn – I made them at the same time as my Comox Trunks, and both projects together only took an afternoon!

The fabric I used (and for the undies, too) is a gorgeously soft bamboo/spandex blend from – wait for it – Mood Fabrics in NYC! My mom and I took a special trip there the Monday after Easter – a “fabric feast” to celebrate the end of my fabric fast. Traveling there from Boston was quite a hike – 9 hours round-trip for about 5 hours of shopping – but it was completely worth it. And great to see my mom – she’s the one who got me into sewing in the first place, and it has been really special to have my own sort of “sewing club” with her – we are constantly comparing notes on fabric, fit, sewing trends, etc. We both got home with piles of gorgeous fabric that should keep us busy for a while!

Ok, I think I’m finally caught up – whew! I can’t wait to show you my next make – I’m going to try to sew along with this season of Project Sewn as much as I can, and I’m almost done with my garment for week one! See you soon!


8 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up!

  1. I love the Moneta! It fits you so well, pairing with leggings is so cute. I have not tried either either pattern (But have done other Colette patterns) but will have to add them to my every growing list.

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