Double Trouble – Matching Undies!

Ok, so I’m pretty much the worst blogger ever. I have a backlog of projects to write about and I was nominated for a Liebster Award almost two weeks ago by the lovely seamstress over at Nice Dress! Thanks, I Made It!!, and still haven’t written about that yet either…oy. But I’m postponing that post another day or so, because I want to make sure this current project gets blogged before time runs out!

Hopefully that last sentence piqued your interest. “What project has a time limit?,” you might be saying (or you might not. Just trying to keep it interesting) – why, my entry for the Comox Trunks Sewalong Giveaway, of course! Seriously, though, if there is a man in your life and you haven’t made a pair of these, you need to get on that! This sexy little number was quick and fun, yet just intricate enough to keep it interesting. I’m coming to expect that sort of pattern from Thread Theory, the new indie pattern company devoted entirely to men’s clothing patterns – their Jedediah Pants were also a joy to sew! And there are great sewalongs for both patterns on the blog. Voilà!



I love the great details in the pattern – definitely a winner! The hubby says they’re pretty comfy, which is good, cuz he’s gonna get a bunch! I used a super-soft bamboo/Lycra blend and knit elastic – since this is worn so close to the skin, you don’t want to scrimp on materials here.

…and since I’m a nerd, I decided I had to make myself a matching pair :P.



I used the free pattern from So, Zo, What Do You Know, which I blogged about here, in case you’re curious. Super quick, super satisfying!

So there you have it. His and hers undies. Yeah, I know, I’m weird…



6 thoughts on “Double Trouble – Matching Undies!

  1. Awesome matching undies! I’m going to have to copy you and make some burgundy undies for myself (especially since everyone is always telling me how soft and comfy that fabric is…I don’t know why I never thought of that earlier!)

  2. What a cute idea! His and her undies. So professionally made, I love them. I have yet to try any undergarments but will definitely have to find the time to give them a try.

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