An Easter Egg for Dolly Clackett

I’m pretty sure that by now the entire sewing blogosphere is aware of the fantastic Sew Dolly Clackett challenge, a clever and thoughtful wedding present from Sarah Gilbert of Rhinestones and Telephones to the ever-fabulous Roisin of Dolly Clackett fame. And if you didn’t know, now you do!

When I found out about this competition, I had already entered my Lenten fabric fast, so I was a bit stumped on how I would manage to create an entry. After all, Roisin’s style is quite distinct – adorable sun dresses made of quirky, tastefully loud cotton prints – which doesn’t exactly match my typical fabric-buying habits! So I had to get creative. I eventually decided on a quilting cotton I had originally purchased on sale at Grey’s, thinking I would use it as muslin fabric since it was too loud for my taste – good thing I hadn’t started muslining yet!

When it came to picking a pattern, I wanted to recreate something based on one of Roisin’s favorites. She has a penchant for the By Hand London dresses as well as the Christina Haynes Emery Dress, among others. I’ve made plenty of Anna’s, so I wanted to try something new, but didn’t happen to own a copy of any of her other favorites. So, I decided to improvise, and used the Colette Truffle pattern from the Colette Handbook as a base.

One thing I really love about Roisin’s sewing is that she is fearless about mixing and matching pattern pieces from different dresses. For example, she’ll add a circle skirt to an Anna dress or a gathered skirt to an Elisalex. You name it, she’s probably tried it. So I wanted to try, too! One of the skirts I particularly liked was the one from New Look 6824 that keeps popping up in her wardrobe. Again, I don’t own that pattern, so I did my best to figure out a pattern from the pictures on her blog.

So, without further ado…here is my entry!



I’ll be honest – I’m super proud of this dress! I had to alter the crap out of that bodice – it’s drafted for a c cup and I’m a b, the bust dart was too high, etc. But I did it, and it fits! And I actually love the fabric, which is ironic, because when I bought it, I thought “oh, this is ugly enough that I won’t mind using it for muslins.” HA.

The dress also has a few hidden fun bits – for starters, it’s lined with PINK batiste:


Whoa, mama! Also, I decided to change the back neckline. When I saw the Betty Dress from Sew Over It that came out a few days ago, I knew Roisin would be all over that, so I turned the back neckline into a V to match that pattern ( turns out the Betty is a scoop, not a v, but whatevs, I like mine). Voilà!



So, there you have it, folks! And it’s just in time to wear to church for Easter – doesn’t it kind of remind you of an Easter egg? I can already tell this will be a favorite dress this spring/summer.

Oh, one more fun little secret. The shoes I’m wearing in those photos are my wedding shoes* :). Since this is for a wedding and all…


Congratulations, Roisin! May your wedding be magical and your marriage filled with many years of joy!


*ok, so this is totally weird, but I actually had a dream about a week or so ago about going shoe shopping with Roisin for her wedding. She managed to find lavender Liberty-print heeled ankle boots. Only in a dream!!


4 thoughts on “An Easter Egg for Dolly Clackett

  1. This is so, so pretty. I love that you turned some stash fabric you didn’t like into a dress that you love, and that you wore your wedding shoes with it! And this post made me laugh because I have totally dreamt about other sewing bloggers before too!

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