Dressing the Role plays a role!!

So you know how this blog is called “dressing the role” because I supposedly sing operas and perform different roles n’ stuff? Well, I *finally* got my bum in gear and am performing in an opera this week! We’ve actually already had a week of performances – three last week, with three more to come this week, so I am WIPED. Like, seriously tired. Hence fewer garments than usual this month. But it’s so worth it – I have loved every minute of this production!

I’m singing in the chorus of Lakmé with the fantastic Lowell House Opera. The opera is a tragic one, of course – operas are never complete until at least one character kills themselves – with gorgeous music by Leo Delibes. Being a sewing nut, I’ve been almost as excited about the costumes as I’ve been about performing. The opera is set in India during the British occupation, so the women’s chorus all get to wear big black wigs and saris – definitely a new look for me!




Isn’t that fun?? We’ve all gotten pretty good at folding saris by now – it’s a fairly complicated process that takes quite a lot of time!

The costumes for the show were designed by Kristen Connolly, a wonderfully talented seamstress and designer. Of course, I grilled her for information about her career as a costume designer while waiting backstage. What an awesome career! She also designs and sells her own lingerie line on Etsy under Odile Designs.

If you happen to be in the Boston area this week, we have three more shows on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday! Hope to see you there!



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