A Trip to London…that I took three years ago

Today’s project was a loooong time in the making. Oof.

So, three years ago I went on an awesome trip to London and Paris with my family. While visiting London, we of course had to stop in at Liberty of London. And while visiting Liberty, I of course has to buy yarn. So there’s the back story.

The yarn was a gorgeous light blue fluffy angora blend. Lovely to feel, but a [expletive deleted] to knit. So it took me two years to turn it into something wearable. I didn’t help that the kitten I was living with at the time really loved to lick this particular type of yarn, and her sandpaper tongue would immediately felt the knitted piece. It was an uphill battle to say the least.

So last spring I finally finished it. And this spring (ha, spring?), I finally wore it and took pictures.


Pretty little number, no? The pattern is the Shirley Sweater by Snowden Becker. I was attracted to the pattern because I was in a lace knitting kick at the time (not actual lace, just lacey patterns), and also thought the tie neckline was cute. After finishing, of course, I couldn’t figure out how to wear the thing with my existing wardrobe. I seem to have this problem where I love projects that I wish were my style, but don’t actually work that well with my functional, every-day apparel. So that’s why it’s taken me a year to photograph it :P.

Here are some pics of the whole outfit – I played around with a number of different options to try to get this piece to fit in with my usual wardrobe favorites. I tend to go for “preppy” looks (no wonder I married a Princeton grad…), and I’ve been wanting to experiment with the sweater-layered-over-collared-shirt look, so I thought I’d give that a try. What do you think?



You may notice that I’m wearing a belt in the second two pictures but not the first. I think it’s fun to play around with how one small wardrobe element can really change a silhouette. In this case, without the belt there is no defined waist area, and since I have a very solid abdomen and high waist, the sweater looks like a big mass of blue. However, with the belt added in the right place (just under the ribs, which is where my torso is smallest), it creates the optical illusion of a more defined waist. Interesting, non?

Oh, and for you knitting nerds out there, here’s a detail of the lace pattern:


(Btw, I’m on ravelry – I finally put the little button thingy on my blog, and it should be over in the right side panel. But if you can’t find it, my username is titaniaem. Let’s be friends!)

So, after all the pains I went through to finish and photograph this sweater, I discovered after wearing it for a bit that I had dropped a stitch a few inches up from the bottom and it’s starting to unravel. [more expletives deleted] Any advice on how to fix that?? I reallllllllly don’t want to take it apart…should I just go back in with a needle and some yarn and weave it through as best I can? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

So anyhow, my Liberty of London sweater adventure is now complete. Can I go again???


4 thoughts on “A Trip to London…that I took three years ago

  1. Nice sweater! Is the last photo the same sweater? The picture looks more grey than blue. Optical illusion? Anyways, your lace work looks so nice and delicate. I would just use a needle and a long piece of the same yarn and do my best to pick up the dropped stitches.

    • Thank you! Yup, it’s the same sweater – depending on the lighting, my camera tends to do weird things with color. I’m thinking I’ll use a needle to go back in there with the yarn as you suggested

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