We will overcome!

Whew, it’s been quite a week!! On top of a crazy work season, I’m in the middle of tech week for an opera I’ll be performing in, and just got over a nasty cold…oy. So in case you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting as often as usual, that’s why!

To add to the obstacles of exhaustion and an overly-busy schedule, I also managed to…break my serger. On Friday. AAAAAGGH. The neighbors could probably hear my cries of despair. It was totally a user-error accident – I store the machine under my dining room table, and I managed to crack the plastic on the top of the thread carousel thingy while putting it away. I felt like I had just run over my best friend’s foot…WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?

Oh, and I can’t buy fabric til Easter.

So that was a lot of obstacles to overcome in my sewing this weekend! But as Friday progressed into Saturday, I felt the overwhelming need to create something. Anything. I just needed to make something tangible and useful with fabric, and I needed to make it quickly (before I had to leave for rehearsal!).

With all that in mind, I remembered an underwear pattern I had seen floating around the internet a while ago – this little number from the awesome blog “So, Zo, What Do You Know?” Especially after reading about Tasia’s bra making experience and seeing Thread Theory’s fabulous new pattern, the Comox Trunks, I had the sudden strong urge to sew underwear. And since it only requires small-ish scraps of knit fabric, I was able to piece together some scraps from my dwindling knits stash to whip up a quick pair of undies. So I glued the ol’ serger back together and got started…


Aren’t they snazzy? I was super proud of them – and they only took an hour or so! For some reason, knowing that I can make my own underwear is really empowering – I feel wonderfully self-sufficient, like I can provide adequately for myself and those around me. Using double-fold to bind the edges was super fun. I highly recommend the pattern!

Detail and interior shots:



I felt soooo much better about my life after making those – whew! Oh, and they’re also the most comfortable pair of underwear I own now. So I guess I’ll be sewing my own underwear from now on!

One last thought before I sign off for today – March 24th is Fashion Revolution Day! It’s a day to reflect on the ethics of the fashion industry and give some thought to who made our clothes. You can visit their site to find out more – and tweet a pic of your outfit inside-out to show who made it! Mine happens to be a jacket I made, using wool from an American woolen mill. Here’s to ethical fashion and raising awareness!



5 thoughts on “We will overcome!

  1. Foldover elastic is SO the way to go. I put some on my PB Jam Leggings by Fehr Trade and was floored by how awesome they look with it. So pro. So finished. I just finished my first bra and have also made 1 pair of panties and will blog on those both soon. I totally agree with you, the ones you make are the best. Why? Because they fit you to a T!

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