The Giant Purple Sweater Monster plus a million awkward photos

You know those projects you put off finishing forever with no reason? Yup, this is one of those. I bought some fuzzy purple yarn over Black Friday weekend waaaaay back in November, and finally it has taken it’s finished sweater form. Oy.

Not that it was particularly hard or time consuming to knit – I used the Roam Tunic pattern by Amy Christoffers, which is a lovely cabled tunic using thick yarn and big needles, so I really have no excuse. I guess I realized somewhere during the process that there was a good chance that I’d end up looking like a giant purple whale in it, so I’ve been dragging my feet.

However, after seeing all the fabulous things that Tasia and Ginger have been knitting, I decided I really needed to get my butt in gear and just finish the darned thing. Cuz winter won’t last forever, after all…right? Hopefully?? Well, anyhow, here she is:


All in all, it’s actually not as bad as I thought I would be. I ended up lengthening it by two pattern repeats to try to turn it into a real sweater dress. I’m not sure if that actually worked – I still sort of feel like I’m walking around missing an article of clothing – but there are bigger issues at hand. Behold:


Oof. Definitely did not mean to highlight the ol’ patootie that prominently. Let’s just hope no one ever looks at me profile in this dress. Ever. Adding length also created a rather unflattering optical illusion in the hip area:


See how the cables get closer together towards the bottom, thus making my hips look even bigger than they already are? So yeah, this dress isn’t exactly a “win” in the “flattering awkward parts of my body” category. But I guess they can’t all be winners.


And, I mean, is it really a dress? Or should I be wearing this with legit pants, not just leggings? I feel like it can’t decide. Neither can I. Thoughts??


What are some projects that you haven’t been totally in love with? Do you try to wear them anyway? How do you deal with a disappointing finished product?


5 thoughts on “The Giant Purple Sweater Monster plus a million awkward photos

  1. I knitted a scarf once… It was 6″ on one end and ended up being 12″ on the other (after I added all those stitches by accident). I am impressed with any knitting I see as a result. It isn’t easy!

  2. I’ve completed one sweater, and it’s a bit of a disappointment–the bindoff is so tight that I can barely get it over my hips, the armholes are super saggy, and it looks like a giant orange sack. I basically just wear it around the house, though I did wear it out with a belt and skinny jeans a few times.

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