Plantain Perfection

This was an exciting week for me in the sewing world – it looks like I made it to fourth place in the Project Sewn sew-along – a huge thank you to everyone who voted, and a huge congrats to the incredibly talented ladies who placed in the real competition! I also got super lucky and won me a Coco pattern in Ginger’s awesome giveaway! Woohoo!

Backing up a few weeks, I made yet another Plantain Top – this is quickly becoming one of my favorite patterns! I managed to get the weird stains out of the sweater knit that I had originally wanted to use – for some reason I ended up with blotches all over the fabric after prewashing!


I think that somehow some excess dye got into the end of the bolt – this was a remnant piece – and it spread throughout the fabric during prewashing. After leaving it alone in frustration for a few weeks, I decided to try prewashing again, this time soaking it for a long time in warm water to try to get the excess dye out. And it worked! Hooray!


Since this is a very drapey sweater knit, I decided to stabilize the neck binding with some tricot interfacing to keep it from stretching out. I think next time I make this top with a super drapey fabric, I’ll raise the neckline a bit – even with the interfacing, it’s a little lower than I would like.

I also did a broad shoulder adjustment, like I did on my last Lady Skater dress. It definitely helped with the shoulder placement, though I think I also need to do a forward shoulder adjustment in the future as well.


And this time I did the elbow patches! Unfortunately, I discovered after I finished the top that my arms are too long for the patch placement on the pattern – oops :P.


But whatevs, they’re still fun! And they match the skirt I’m wearing! How ’bout that??


Simple, quick and fun. My favorite kind of sewing project!



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