A Stroll Down Memory Lane…in my favorite shoes!

This week’s challenge on Project Sewn is to sew an outfit that coordinates with and is inspired by a pair of shoes. How fun is that?? I had originally wanted to create an outfit to my favorite multi-purpose heels, but I kept coming up with “plain, ordinary” stuff. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but shoes can be such a fun part of getting dressed and I wanted to take advantage of that, so I decided to go a different route. Instead of using my most worn shoes, I picked my most special pair – my wedding shoes.

Now, the story of my wedding is kind of long and complicated, but suffice it to say for now that it was super last minute (I wanted to be married before I made the big move to Boston this past summer for my new job), so there wasn’t time to agonize over the perfect dress, etc. Even with the short time frame, though, I wanted to feel special on my special day, so I did take a day to go shopping with my mom to pick out an appropriate dress and shoes. The dress was a cute tea-length white eyelet wrap dress (from Ann Taylor – I hadn’t gotten into sewing yet at that point!), so I wanted shoes in a fun color. Here’s what I picked out:


They were the first pair I tried on, and it was love at first sight! So for this sewing challenge, I wanted to create something fun (and non-wedding-y!) to go with these special shoes. As I was going through my stash, I pulled out this piece:


This was actually my muslin fabric for an Anna Dress, so I already had a bodice basted together. I thought the fabric was a great match with the shoes, so I wanted to finish the job! The flirty shoes called for a flirty dress, so I changed the skirt to a gathered dirndl style (using Gertie’s tutorial) rather than the original six panel skirt in the pattern. I also decided to go with the v-neckline, which I hadn’t tried yet. Roisin’s many awesome versions of the dress inspired me to mix things up a little! Here she is!


I’m super pleased with it – I just wish it were June again so I could wear this outside!




What do you think? Don’t forget to visit the Project Sewn on Friday to vote for your favorite shoe/outfit combo!


16 thoughts on “A Stroll Down Memory Lane…in my favorite shoes!

  1. I think the dress looks great! I love the colors they are so cheery and definitely make me think of spring!~
    Kristi – kopykat

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