Strawberry Sorbetto

While the rest of the world is getting excited over the Olympics and a possible snow day tomorrow, the sewing world is all abuzz with the excitement of Season 3 of Project Sewn, the blogging version of a Project Runway-type reality show. This season has a fantastic line-up of seamstresses, and I can’t wait to see what more they have in store!

Since this week’s theme was pink, I just had to sew along – I mean, who can resist an opportunity to add more pink to their wardrobe?? Well, I can’t, at least :P. For my entry, I decided to use up some more of the fabric inherited from my mother-in-law, which this time was a bubble-gum pink cotton batiste. I originally wanted to use this as lining/underlining, but when I prewashed it the dye bled so horrendously that I didn’t want to risk pairing it with another fabric. So instead I used it as an opportunity to make a wearable muslin of Colette Patterns’ Sorbetto Top. (Side note – the pattern is free! How awesome is that??)

I decided to pair the pink with some black to add an accent. In hindsight I probably should have gone with navy or something else a little tamer, as my end result is very loud for my style, but in a way it’s also kind of fun – why not go over the top every once-in-a-while? And because I love to make more work for myself, I decided to make a matching belt and scarf to go with it (because one pink item obviously wasn’t enough!).


The skirt is my first Chardon Skirt from a couple months ago. If I’d started this project earlier I would’ve made a whole new one, but I didn’t plan ahead enough…alas. I think ultimately it will go better with a black or navy skirt, but I still need to make those…hmmm


Since I was working with pretty delicate fabric, I took the opportunity to do French seams on the blouse and a rolled hem on the scarf. I even learned how to use my rolled hem foot – a feat I’m rather proud of! (Haha, get it – foot/feat?! Oy…)


(Not all of the edges came out that perfectly, but let’s pretend they all did :P)



I kind of feel like I should be in Paris in a 50’s film in this outfit…ha! If only. A girl can dream!



8 thoughts on “Strawberry Sorbetto

    • So glad you like it! Yes, for the center panel I just used ribbon (satin, actually, but grosgrain would work too!). I sewed it close to both edges of the ribbon before attaching the bias binding for the neck. I made things easier for myself by keeping my presser foot in the same place and just moving the needle position to the left or right for each side :). One detail note – I only attached it to the placket, not the shirt body, so I folded that to the side to avoid accidentally catching it in the seam. Hope that helps!

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