The Pavot Project, Part 3: Victory!

Just a few short weeks ago I thought this day would never come, but I have officially completed my Pavot Coat! It didn’t even take that long once the actual sewing started – just about two weeks, from cutting out to final touches. I really like the topstitching details on this pattern – it makes for a very polished, professional final product, and also helps the seams lay flat.

The scariest part of construction for me was the last step – sewing the buttonholes! I Hadn’t sewn a buttonhole since high school, and I was terrified of ruining my hard work with ugly, homely stitching on the front. I did many practice samples, and ended up stabilizing the back with paper to help the fabric feed evenly. You may also notice that I changed the number of buttons – I did 8 instead of 7 so that I could have one “strategically placed” at the bustline. I re-drew the spacing on the pattern piece first, and then transferred the marks with tracing paper.


And now – drumroll please – the finished product!


I’m quite pleased with it! I’m a little bothered by the fact that the front button placket gapes a bit – I should’ve used a heavier, woven interfacing for it instead of the non-woven – but I think I can live with it. And thanks to all my muslining, it even fits pretty well!


Now a few detail shots. I was quite proud of the collar curves – I had to do a lot of clipping and trimming to get it smooth, but it’s the details that matter in a piece like this.


I also added a hook and eye at the waist to help with my gaping problem. It makes it take a little longer to put on, but I’m much happier with the result, and I think it’s pretty inconspicuous.


I’ll do a separate post soon about how I drafted the lining, but here you can see that I attached it to the facing and everything! Woot!



I wore it to work today, and it’s not quite warm enough for our current arctic weather, but come late February/early March it should be perfect (it won’t get above freezing today!). I guess I’ll just have to sew another winter-weight coat! Ha!

More pics, just because:





9 thoughts on “The Pavot Project, Part 3: Victory!

  1. Oh it’s gorgeous! And fits you so well – I didn’t muslin mine (cause I’m sooo smart, right?) and the bust and waist are both too high, and actually the whole thing is a bit large. But I figure that means I can just layer it when winter comes.

    I may end up making a woolen one as well, lined like yours as I love the shape (although I did have a bit of difficulty tidying up the insides) – I think lining would help that a lot)

    • Thank you!!! I’m super happy with the fit. You’re right, though – extra roominess means good for layering :). Hopefully I’ll get my act together soon and post about how I did the lining – I’ve seen a number of different options floating around, depending on how you want to finished product to look. Good luck with yours!

  2. Your Pavot looks amazing! I’m in the middle of one at the moment, and I’ve decided that it needs a lining but I have no idea how to go about it so I’m really looking forward to your tutorial on it. 🙂

  3. Wow! This is great I was wanting to make the pavot in more of a winter weight! You did such a nice job, looks very well made definetly inspirering. Thanks for the post.

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