The Pavot Project, Part 1: The Journey Begins

It is with equal parts excitement and trepidation that I begin my next major project: I am going to attempt to make a winter weight, lined coat from the Pavot Jacket from the French pattern company Deer and Doe. I’ve never attempted a clothing project this big before, and I am definitely intimidated!

Why, you ask? Well, there are just so many variables that go into making a coat. What kind of interfacing should I use? Do I underline it for warmth? Do I need to use special tailoring techniques? The list goes on! I have done a fair bit of reading via blogs and sew-alongs, so I thought I’d give you a little list as “food for thought” should you also be diving into this madness.

The Great Coat Sew-Along – an intensely detailed site about all the possible steps of making a coat. It’s kind of overwhelming, but I highly recommend it nonetheless.

Lauren’s Vogue Coat – she includes lots of helpful details and pictures of her coat making process, and even makes it look doable!

Jen’s Coat Making Post – talks about the various details that go into a coat, such as what to interface and how to work with wool coating. Super helpful!

The Craftsy course Underneath It All – I went through the whole thing before starting, and have already rewatched parts. And it covers way more than just making coats – you learn all about interfacing, lining, and underlining. Seriously, do yourself a huge favor and take this course!

Various coat sew-alongs are also available via the Colette Pattern Blog (look up “Anise” and “Albion”), and Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing

So, that was my preliminary research – whew! I also knew I wanted to try to add a lining. There is a great lining-drafting section in the Craftsy course I listed above, and Jen at Grainline Studio also has a fantastic tutorial on the topic. Provided my lining is successful, I’ll post about that soon. I haven’t found any blogs in English that discuss lining the Pavot in any detail, so I’m hoping I can do non-French speakers a favor! (Here’s the link to a French tutorial if anyone is interested, though!)

Now for a few “process pics” to prove that I’ve actually started the project…


Here’s the lining, ready to be cut out! I also muslined this puppy to death – I’ll talk more about the fit later, but to whet your appetite, here’s a pic of the actual coat fabric basted together for a final fit test:



Ok, I think that’s enough information overload for now. More to come soon!


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