In which I discover my camera, and other adventures

I had mentioned a few posts ago that it was one of my 2014 goals to take better pictures for this blog, which gave me the motivation to finally get over my laziness and fiddle with my camera! Yes, I already have one, but since I now write my posts from my ipad, I needed a way to get my ipad and camera to talk to each other. Thankfully, the friendly folks at the Apple store set me up with some (overpriced…?) gadgets that got me off the ground again. (Note: the Apple store folks in Boston really are friendly! That was a pleasant surprise in and of itself!) So now hopefully my photo quality will improve.

And now for my first make of 2014! I’m currently struggling in the midst of a few projects that are either huge and intimidating or just not going my way. I made a muslin for Deer and Doe’s Pavot Jacket that I want to turn into a fully lined coat, but now am too intimidated to start! I’m also slogging through a wool, 3/4 sleeved Anna Dress that just does not fit right. So, with these two current UFOs weighing me down, I needed something fun and easy that I could feel good about.

Sewaholic patterns seem to fit me like magic, so I got my hands on her Pendrell Blouse pattern and went at it. Finally, a project worked out!


I did end up making it smaller than recommended…I used to think I was a Sewaholic size 4, and have made all my patterns to date in that size, which has worked perfectly. However, after re-taking my measurements over the holidays with my mom, I realized I should be sewing a size 8 – oops! However, since the 4 has worked so well in the past, I went ahead with it, and I think it worked out well. It’s supposed to have a very relaxed fit, but I think I like a slightly more fitted look. I did take out a little at the bust on the side front piece, as I was getting some odd drag lines around the sleeve area.

The fabric is a silk charmeuse that my mom gave me from her stash over Christmas – yay for inheriting fabric! I had been coveting that piece ever since I was a teen, actually – she had used it to make a gorgeous costume for a homeschool Shakespeare play I was in, and I fell in love with the drape and color.

After wearing it for a day, the blouse developed some more weird folds around the bust – I think that the ruffle might be weighing the seam down too much. I’ll play around some more at some point, but for now, I’m glad I have a finished product I’m happy with!


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