A Wearable Resume

I’m finally getting to the point with my sewing where I can create entire outfits from my handmade wardrobe! Woot! It’s kind of like a fun, wearable resume of my sewing skills. Today’s outfit is a perfect example – it shows off sewing with knits, using my serger, sewing a jacket, and getting the fit right.



The jacket, sweater, and skirt are all handmade! (Side note: autocorrect just tried to change “handmade” to “handmaiden.” Ha!) The jacket is, of course, my favorite Sewaholic Cordova Jacket. I fixed the lining before Christmas, so now it has a lovely silk/cotton interior:


The fabric is a much higher quality than my first lining attempt, which meant that it cost more than the rest of the jacket put together, but it was well worth it – it’s wearing beautifully with no signs of tearing. Hooray! And the extra practice sewing a lining will certainly come in handy in the future!

The sweater is the Sewaholic Renfrew Top, another favorite pattern of mine. This particular incarnation was also my first project with my new serger. It has so many construction issues I’m honestly surprised I can stand wearing it, but it’s so warm and the fabric is so fun that I can overlook what a mess I made of it! None of the stripes match anywhere, in spite of my best efforts (I learned later to machine baste matching stripes with my sewing machine before feeding them to the serger), and the seams actually started pulling out at the ends because I had the wrong differential feed on and the wrong stitch – oy! But with a little help from my sewing machine, I got it in wearable condition, and it even made it through the washing machine unscathed, so I’ve decided it’s enough of a success to wear.

Lastly, the skirt is the adorable Deer and Doe Chardon Skirt, in the correct size! It’s flannel, it’s warm – what’s not to love?

Needless to say, I’m super proud that I can wear all handmade items! WIN


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