Achievement Unlocked: The Cordova Jacket

Ack, I keep getting behind on my posts! But I guess that sewing faster than you can blog is kind of a nice problem to have…:P I’ve actually been putting this particular project off for quite some time – I bought the pattern for the Sewaholic Cordova Jacket several months ago and then proceeded to think about it and allow the intimidation of never having sewn a jacket before set in. I eventually bought fabric for a “wearable muslin,” and then let that sit around for a good several weeks while I flew through the instant-gratification of sewing knit dresses.

I had good reasons to be scared of this project (or so I thought!) – it’s labeled “intermediate,” it’s fitted and not a knit, which meant I would actually have to pay attention to how it fits, and, let’s face it, fully-lined, tailored jackets seem like a pretty big deal to those who have never sewn them. So those are my excuses.

But here is my finished product:



Jacket: handmade “Cordova Jacket” by Sewaholic, Top: Banana Republic, Skirt: Anthropologie, Tights: fleece tights from Saver’s, Boots: Clark’s

I love the result! Now I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make It! More pics:




Of course, no triumph is complete without a little tragedy….after proudly wearing this beauty to work two days in a row, I discovered that the back lining is beginning to shred at the seam :'(:


So I’m giving myself a few days to mourn (and research jacket linings!), and then I plan to replace the lining with something higher quality. I was going for cheap since this was originally going to be a muslin….serves me right for buying cheap fabric!! Lesson learned…the hard way…


3 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked: The Cordova Jacket

  1. I think it looks great on you! I’m looking at some Cordova jacket posts on different blogs, because I’m thinking of buying it today. I’m a little intimidated by the idea of lining the jacket but I’m a pear / triangle shape and that’s who Tasia designs for, so I might give it a shot. Anyway – Good Job on your jacket!
    🙂 Chris

    • So glad you like it! I would definitely recommend the pattern – it was my first jacket ever, and it went together surprisingly easily! Just two quick pieces of advice – make sure to stabilize the bias edges of the peplum pieces, otherwise they don’t fit into the notches on the top section. Also, make sure you match the notches on the lining to the corresponding notches on the fashion fabric – Tasia doesn’t mention it in the pattern but it is important. But get it for sure – it’s fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the Tips! I appreciate them & printed them out for when I get the pattern. (I ordered it today – Tasia has her birthday sale going on until midnight.)

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