Let the Holidays Begin!

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that we’re already in the post-Thanksgiving holiday stretch…but we are! I experienced several “firsts” this Thanksgiving – I spent my first major holiday away from home, visiting the in-laws instead, and saw my first Boston Ballet Nutcracker last night! I had a lovely time getting to know my “new” family even better (which involved assisting with the production of eight pies – eight!!), and the ballet was absolutely breathtaking.

Boston Ballet is doing their second run this year of new choreography by the artistic director, Mikko Nissinen, and it is definitely worth seeing. Last night was opening night, so there are still plenty of performances left – go see it!! Highlights include a dancing bear and a ridiculously challenging male variation in the Trepak (Russian dance). I especially loved the mouse/soldier fight scene – it was very clever and entertaining, and provided and fresh and humorous take on the story. Have you bought your tickets yet???

As a part of my job at the Boston Ballet School, I came in this morning to play for the students’ warm-up class in preparation for today’s performances. While working the Saturday after Thanksgiving is a bit of a pain, I love that I get to be a part of the performance process. And, of course, I wanted to dress comfortably! Here’s what I came up with:


Top: handmade “Renfrew” top by Sewaholic, Pants: Banana Republic, Cardigan: handmade from a pattern off the Lion Brand Yarn website, Boots: Clark’s

Super comfy, almost like wearing pjs! I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but the pants are an aubergine corduroy – I thought this would be a good matching solution for this challengingly-colored top. I made the sweater ages ago and thought I would never wear it, but it’s been getting a lot of use lately since it’s super warm! I got the pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn website when I was in grad school, and it’s made of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. Very easy and quick to knit.

So, welcome to the holidays, y’all!


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