Blast from the Past

I probably should have saved this post for tomorrow since apparently “throwback Thursday” is a thing, but I couldn’t think of anything else to wear, so here we are. I made one of the pieces of this outfit while I was in grad school several years ago – can you guess which??


Dress: Banana Republic, Sweater: handmade “Autumn Rose Pullover” by Eunny Jang, Tights: Savers, Boots: Clark’s

If you guessed the sweater, you were right! I still kind of can’t believe I was crazy enough to make this. It was knitted on size 0, 1, and 2 needles – so, basically, toothpicks – and I was changing colors literally every few stitches. When I described the process to my husband this morning, his response was, “oh, so that’s why you didn’t date in grad school!” Ha, very funny, sweetie :P.


It took me about a year to make, but I’m super proud of it. And, of course, now that I’ve been remembering the process of making it, I want to do another crazy colorwork project. It was a ton of fun!

One other comment about today’s outfit: my tights are lined with fleece. This is pretty much a dream come true for me, since I love wearing skirts and dresses but HATE having cold legs. I found these while on a discount shopping spree with my mother-in-law in NH. They’re made by a company called “Leg Impressions.” I want one in every color…



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