Skating Time!

Sadly I haven’t gone ice skating yet this year, but whenever I do I’ll have the perfect dress – my new Lady Skater Dress by Amanda from Kitshy Coo. This pattern came out in June, and I’ve been reading so much praise for the dress from other bloggers that I had to try it! And it does not disappoint – this is definitely my favorite dress pattern so far, and I plan to make many, many more!


Dress: Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo, Belt: Ann Taylor, Tights: Banana Republic, Boots: Clark’s

I’m really liking the fit, but I did end up having to make one alteration – I shortened the top by about 2.5″. When I put together the dress with the top as-is, my prominent tummy and bum were, yet again, a problem…grr! But I quickly realized that raising the skirt up would allow the fullness in the skirt (a nice, swishy partial circle) to cover up those problem areas. So, after a little seam ripping and cutting, the problem was fixed!

I’m starting to develop a new understanding of and appreciation for my body shape now that I am sewing more. I’m getting a better sense of which patterns works for my shape and which don’t. And just because a particular cut isn’t flattering doesn’t mean I’m “fat”! It just means I need to make a change or two (or maybe look for a different pattern). This is helping me find a healthier, more realistic way to think about my body. And now I realize why I love high waists and full skirts so much!


6 thoughts on “Skating Time!

  1. Looks very good! I am right now trying to assemble the PDF pattern for this dress and I am having a lot of trouble getting everything properly aligned. My test square printed fine. I am trying to figure out if it is the pattern or my printer. For example page 14 and 15, the back bodice piece, when I align the armhole lines, the center back is off by an 1/8”, if I align the center back line, there is absolutely no way I can align the armhole lines smoothly. Did you experience any of these problems?

    • Hi Emmely! Good question – I did have trouble putting the pattern together as well. What ended up working the best was to match the borders on the edge of page. Some of the pattern lines didn’t match up perfectly, but it was “good enough” and ensured that all of the pages matched up reasonably well. I always trace my patterns instead of cutting, so I was able to compensate for imperfect matching when I did my tracing. Hope that helps!!

      • Yes, this does help! I am also a tracer, so it is good to know that you managed to make a good looking dress despite having alignment troubles. Some of my borders don’t even match so that is already giving me a headache. I’ve done some experiments this morning with my printer and tried different settings and the results are quite baffling. I can’t tell from your blog where on the globe you are, but I am used to printing on A4 paper. However, with my most troubling pages 14 and 15 I got a close to perfect alignment when I set my printer on Letter size and printed the pages on my foundation paper piecing paper that is also letter sized. Setting the printer on letter and printing on A4 sized paper already gave some distortion (which I really don’t understand). So now my options are 1) print on the quite expensive foundation paper that is also quite fragile and not really ideal for taping together this many pages or 2) try to find a shop in the Netherlands that sells letter sized printer paper…

      • Hmm, I’m sorry to hear it’s still being troublesome! I’m all the way over in the USA, so I printed mine on 8.5×11 inch paper (standard letter size). I’m guessing the pattern was probably designed for that size? If it would be any help, I could send you a pic of what my pattern looks like all taped together (so you can see where I had to fudge, etc).

        And WOW, it’s so cool that I’m talking to a seamstress in the Netherlands! I love how the blogging community creates a worldwide family of sewing enthusiasts 🙂

      • When I printed my pattern on letter sized foundation paper piecing paper and set my printer page settings on letter I was able to assemble the pattern quite easily. Hardly had to fudge at all. I think my printer scales when I turn on the auto-rotate and centre function despite also checking the no scaling box. Somehow the scaling doesn’t happen as much when I pretend it is a letter sized document. Really weird. I don’t think the pattern was designed to be letter sized since Kitschy Coo is in Britain (at least I think she is). I also love the International aspect of the blogging community! It is why I decided to blog in English instead of Dutch, many more people to connect with that way!

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