Santa Fe Adventures

Before you ask, no, I didn’t go to Santa Fe, nor do I have any plans to in the near future. However, I did spend my weekend making this awesome Santa Fe Dress from Nancy Zieman’s new knits series, and so far I’m loving the result! Here it is in today’s outfit:


Dress: handmade “Santa Fe Dress” by Nancy Zieman, Cardigan: LOFT, Belt: Banana Republic, Leggings: Banana Republic, Boots: Clark’s

The dress took me one evening to cut out and one afternoon to sew – not bad! It’s made from a soft, drapey bamboo/Lycra blend, which was a pain to work with (hence one whole evening just to cut it out!), but wonderful to wear. The pattern ended up being a little too full in the back for my taste – some sewers had commented that the dress tends to fit like a nightgown – so I added ties to the back. I didn’t want to remove any of the fullness through darts or a back seam because I knew I needed the extra fabric to cover my shapely bum, so I think the ties are a nice solution for me. Folks without my tummy/bum shaping might find other solutions are better for them.


The detail that attracted me most to this dress was the folding in the top. It was really fun to sew, and it looks like something you’d buy from a trendy retail store. Win win!


One last comment about the dress – it cost me $38 to make. $35 for the fabric, $3 for thread. That might not seem super cheap to you, but 30 seconds of online research showed me that bamboo dresses tend to run about $80-$120 retail. So not bad after all!


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