Back to Business!

Happy Monday! My apologies for the recent dearth of posts – I was busy this weekend rehearsing and performing in an opera gala with the Commonwealth Lyric Theater! For those do you who don’t know, this is a fabulous little opera company here in Boston that specializes in Slavic opera. Last night’s gala featured several Verdi selections as well as many little-known gems from Slavic operas. As a member of the chorus, I got to try my hand at singing in Ukrainian! A wonderful time was had by all.

I also managed to find time to sew another knit dress over the weekend – Nancy Zieman’s Santa Fe Dress from her new knits collection. I don’t have great pictures of it yet, but as soon as I do I will post!

But now it’s Monday, and it’s back to business. It’s super cold today, so I wanted to dress warmly while still maintaining a business-y look. My general work outfit strategy is to start the week off looking especially professional and slowly get more comfortable as the week progresses….we’ll see how long I can keep this up :P. Anyhow, to create a polished outfit, I love to wear a blazer, and I usually wear a collared dress shirt of some sort underneath. However, I’ve been finding that woven fabrics aren’t as warm as I would like, so I’ve started turning to cowl neck knit tops to go under blazers – so far I’m liking it! What do you think? And yes, this is the top I made a few weeks ago…

The skirt is my Chardon from Deer and Doe patterns that I made earlier this fall. I like the skirt so much that I’m currently working on making another, this time out of flannel. I think I got the size wrong on the first one – it’s a tad on the big side, so instead of being high-waisted, it sits pretty much at my natural waistline. So, I’m trying a size down…fingers crossed!



Blazer: Ann Taylor, Top: handmade “Renfrew” pattern from Sewaholic, Skirt: handmade “Chardon Skirt” from Deer and Doe, Leggings: Banana Republic, Boots: Clark’s


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