Take Me Out to the Ballet

Yes, I know, most of Boston is focusing on the Red Sox playing in the World Series right one, and sure, it’s exciting. But the Boston event that I’ve been most anticipating is,of course, the Boston Ballet’s hugely lavish fall production of La Bayadere. If you live in Boston and haven’t seen it yet, GO!

The dancers were absolutely incredible. The big highlight for me was the Entrance of the Shades in act 3 – dozens of ballerinas executing perfectly matched arabesques during almost the entirety of a deadly-slow yet gorgeous adage. *dies* If you have no clue what I’m talking about, again I tell you – go see it!

Another amazing part of the production for me was seeing so many of the dancers that I play for in class on the stage, all doing a fantastic job. There were several children and teens from my classes in the cast, and I was SO proud to see them already becoming polished professionals. It also helped me drag myself out of bed early this morning to go to work knowing that I would be playing for these phenomenally talented young folks.

One last things before I move on to my outfit (obviously that part is coming!) – the costumes. Wow. The ballet is set in India, so exotic colors and designs were everywhere. I was particularly drooling over some of the skirts in the second act, worn by the dancers in the corps. They were calf-length circle skirts constructed in some sort of bright, gauzy fabric (I’m guessing silk) with a petticoat of brightly colored contrasting tulle that peaked out during their turns. I sense another sewing project coming on…

And now for my dress :P. The black lace Anthropologie dress actually almost ended up as my wedding dress, but that’s a story for another post. You may notice that I abandoned my “warmth before beauty” mantra, but I figured I could get away with it. Since it was a special occasion. Still, I nearly froze my bum off walking from the subway to the theater. Hm.



Dress: Anthropologie, Velvet Jacket: LOFT, Tights: Banana Republic, Shoes: Clark’s

What are your cold-weather special occasion outfits like? Do you try to stay warm , or disregard the temperature in favor of a chic look?


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