Baby, it’s COLD Outside!!

Our “balmy” fall days with highs in the 60’s are officially over for the season, and we’re now looking at somewhat bleaker forecasts of 50 and below – brr! Since I’m out in the elements more with my current commute (a 10-15 minute walk from the T to work), one of my major goals for this season is to learn to dress warmly. While I would occasionally sacrifice warmth for fashion when living in Princeton, that’s just not an option anymore up north!

So, how do I plan to accomplish this? Here’s a short list of ideas: lots of sweaters/layers, higher necks on tops, more scarves, boots, and long underwear. This is today’s attempt at staying warm:


Shirt: Banana Republic, Wrap Sweater: LOFT, Pants: LOFT, Boots: Clark’s

The higher neckline on the dress shirt adds warmth and makes up for the lower v-neck of the sweater. Oh, and I’m wearing long underwear under those pants :P. What are your cold-weather wardrobe solutions?


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