Fruits of My Labor

Today I get to “debut” two of my latest creations! First up is the green bamboo top from my last post. I’m still a little stumped about how to handle the color – it’s much brighter and bolder than I’m used to, so I have a feeling there will be a “learning curve” for this piece. I have several pairs of pants that would work, but since today’s forecast included a fair amount of rain and other unpleasantness, I wanted to make sure I could wear my boots! I literally went through every skirt I own this morning with my husband (he often has better taste at I do….) trying to find a decent match.

It turns out the winner was the skirt that I just completed a few weeks ago, a high-waisted grey wool with box pleats. I love the silhouette created by “poofy” skirts, so I’m very pleased with the pattern. I will definitely make more in the future!

I also experimented with mixing neutrals this morning with the addition of the brown sweater (alas, I didn’t make this one). My tendency is to “match” neutrals – i.e., brown skirt with brown sweater, etc., but my husband pointed out that that doesn’t work very well. So I’m trying new things! He let me walk out of the house with this outfit, so I figure it must not be too bad.

What do you all think of the pairing? Any suggestions for ways to match this bright avocado top? What do you do with hard-to-match pieces?



Top: handmade “Renfrew” pattern by Sewaholic, Skirt: handmade “Chardon” pattern by Deer and Doe, Caridigan: LOFT, Belt: Banana Republic, Leggings: Banana Republic, Boots: Clark’s


One thought on “Fruits of My Labor

  1. I really like the deep mahogany color of the cardigan jacket with the avocado top. I could see this top with plum or burnt orange or purples. I hope you got lots of compliments on this outfit! You look great!

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