I think I’m addicted…

…to this shirt pattern! I purchased more fabric over the weekend, and I’ve already completed a second top! And I have fabric for a third…

Here’s a pic of the fabric I got:


The colors are a little more “adventurous” than I’m used to, but I’m looking forward to pushing my comfort zone as I add them into my wardrobe. The fiber content is a bamboo/Lycra blend – not your typical fabric! But if you’ve ever experienced bamboo fabric, you know how wonderful it is to wear – soft, shiny, and wonderfully drapey.

It is not, however, quite so wonderful to sew! This fabric was much more finicky than the first top I made, which was a cotton/Lycra blend. However, after testing and taking it slow, I am very pleased with the result. One trick that really helped me was pinning the fold of the fabric before cutting; you can read about that here. It was a lengthy step, but definitely made things easier when sewing.


So far I’ve been doing all my sewing on a regular machine, since I don’t own a serger. I’ve actually really liked sewing knits without one – I feel like it gives me more control. I ended up sewing two rows of zig-zags and then trimming, which looks like this:


Since I didn’t feel like working with a double needle, I also used a zigzag for top stitching, which a liked a lot:


And lastly, the finished product!


It’ll be a few days before this makes it fashion debut, as I needed to wash it to get it to shrink (the fabric shrinks significantly, but I wanted to sew on unwashed fabric, so right now it’s super long). So be on the lookout soon!


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