Dressing for a New Role!

After over a year’s hiatus, I’m back! This latest incarnation of my blog will be a little different. First of all, I’ll be dressing for a new “role” in a new city! Over the summer I got married, moved to Boston, and started a fantastic job as a full-time pianist for the Boston Ballet School – a lot of changes! So now that I live in the “big city,” I will be addressing practical style issues such as: how can you dress for the elements and still look cute? What kind of shoes are both walking-friendly and fashionable? How does public transportation affect wardrobe choices?

I’ll also be introducing a crafty/sewing element to the blog. I’ve gotten back into knitting and sewing since the move, so I will occasionally feature pieces I’ve made in my outfits. I’ll also discuss some of the steps in the process of garment/accessory making. I just bought new fabric yesterday, so be on the lookout…

But for now, I leave you with today’s outfit:



Pants: Ann Taylor, Top: Ann Taylor, Boots: Clark’s, Cardigan: Burlington Coat Factory, Necklace: gift from a friend

Since it’s a warmish day today, I opted for short sleeves and dared to be a tad on the cold side. I’m still experimenting with photo locations (I realized this morning that black pants against a black keyboard wasn’t the best plan), so bear with me as I get this up and running again!


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