Top: Ann Taylor, Cropped pants: Ann Taylor, Cardigan: (guess where?) Ann Taylor, Shoes: Clarks

These pants are an enigma to me. I love the concept of cropped dress pants – they provide a great solution to warm spring/summer weather when I need to look professional and can’t wear a skirt. I love this pair in particular, since they’re linen and a great neutral color. However, I have trouble figuring out how to wear them, since they’re a size or two too big (and have been since I bought them – that’s the problem with sale items that are too good to pass up!). I always end up feeling like a hobbit.

My attempt at a solution yesterday was to pair it with this top, with a detail near the neck to draw the eye upwards and away from the somewhat awkward waistline. The addition of the cardigan also helps to obscure how low the pants ride on me. I think next time, though, I might try un-tucking the top and wearing a belt to create a new waistline, bypassing the low rise entirely. What do you think? Do you have any garments that you just love but don’t fit you quite right? How do you solve your fitting enigmas?


5 thoughts on “Enigma

  1. I try to resolve those fitting problems by losing weight! But your pants could be taken in on the side seams; sometimes I take something in or let something out.

  2. Wait, didn’t I have these pants? Did you get them from me? I personally hated them on me.

    I have this problem with like, everything. I HATE MY CLOTHES. Something is wrong with everything. Right now I’m fighting with a red and white striped sweater mini dress I bought. So cute in my head. So awkward on my body.

    • No, the pants are from ATL, actually, a long time ago. I think Rachel inherited the pants of which you speak 🙂 (and loves them, I should add!). I’m sorry your clothes are giving you trouble – I’m sure you still look cute in them! You always figure out such creative ways to wear them, too!

  3. I’m sure there’s an Elgar joke in here somewhere, but I can’t find it. I like the way the outfit looks! The sandals and stripes add a nice springlike touch. Afraid I don’t have ideas for problem-solving, as my usual m.o. is to try things-that-don’t-quite-fit on at intervals, sigh deeply each time, and eventually give them away to friends or thrift stores.

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