Match Making

Jacket (above): thrifted, originally J. Crew, Skirt: Anthropologie, Blouse: Banana Republic, Cardigan: Ann Taylor, Belt: Banana Republic, Tights: Gap, Cute flower on jacket: Claire's

My aubergine tights matched my aubergine jacket yesterday. This made me supremely happy. Not only because I love serendipitous matching, but because I love the word aubergine. The flower pin also sort of matches the shoes – I was really trying yesterday…

In all seriousness, though, I had a lot of “requirements” for my outfit yesterday, and was rather proud of the result.
1. It had to be warm, since it was chilly!
2. It had to be cute, preferably with a skirt
3. I had to be able to play a drum between my knees for a modern dance class I accompany. (see, I told you being a musician has odd wardrobe requirements!)

What sorts of things do you ask of your wardrobe?


One thought on “Match Making

  1. I like the aubergine, too. You could try to have some for dinner to match.

    Friday I went from a rummage sale to dinner to a movie. I’m a little old to change in the car. For a rummage sale I wear leggings, slip-on shoes and a tight top, with something loose over it so I won’t be too embarrassed. For dinner I wore a skirt because my husband likes them and a stole so I wouldn’t be cold. The skirt was the something loose, and I left the stole in the car during the sale. I got some nice clothes at the rummage sale, too.

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