Work and Play

Dress: Ann Taylor, Cardigan: Ann Taylor, Belt: Ann Taylor (notice a pattern?), Shoes: Clarks

Being a musician means that you don’t get to have a “typical work week”, so when everyone else is frolicking in freedom during an evening or weekend, I am probably somewhere working. On Saturday mornings, when the rest of the world gets to sleep in, I work at a community music school (which, don’t get me wrong, can be a fantastically rewarding job!). However, I get the late afternoon and evening off (unless I’m playing a gig), so I have to dress for both work and play time.

Yesterday was no exception, especially since a close friend of mine was visiting from NYC. Since I needed to combine both professionalism and fun, I thought this eyelet dress, with its fun swingy skirt and crisp business-like collar, seemed to straddle both worlds. I tried to use the pumps, cardigan, and belt to add contrasting accents and interest without seeming *too* stuffy and work-like. What are your tricks for combining work and play time?


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