Hello [blogging] world!

For some reason, all the blogging sites I looked at while searching for a host begin their posts with “hello world!” Seems like an appropriate place to start, though, as I set forth on this new adventure to chronicle my fashion choices, my life, and anything else that might seem interesting. So a great big hello to you all!

Top: Banana Republic, Skirt: Anthropologie, Sweater: Ann Taylor, Tights: Gap, Belt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Clarks, Scarf: Liberty of London

Monday was a bit of a “pulling teeth” kind of day – the first day back to work after a spring break and the big Easter weekend (which, as a church musician, really wasn’t a weekend off at all!), so I needed something fun to start off my day/week. I started by selecting the fun floral Liberty of London scarf (hard to see from the photo, but just take my word for it), and attempted to find reasonably coordinating items from the random assortment I had stuffed in my suitcase for a week at home. Voilà! The results are a bit eclectic, but you have to start somewhere!


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